The Amazing Race You Look Like Peter Pan S13E10 (CBS)

Dan’s messed up dance was still the talk of the town days after the show. My wife and I shared a lot of chuckles about this dance. Dandrew finished last and they will face a speed bump during this leg of the race.

Toni/Dallas leave first. They must travel to a retired nuclear submarine. They must find an actor from The Hunt for Red October and get their next clue. Ken/Tina leave next. Tina persists in drawing an ugly-ass submarine. Nick/Starr leave next. They had a lot of cab trouble in the last leg of the race. Dandrew leave last. Everyone but the Dandrews are on the submarine at the same time. Dallas finds the actor first. All of the others follow closely behind. Teams must travel by taxi to Park Iskusstv, known as the graveyard of fallen monuments. I think this park was in Goldeneye. Once there, they must find their next clue.

Nick/Starr pass the other teams and leave 1st. The Dandrews arrive at the submarine. They are still last. They get drenched by some trucks. It’s funny. The teams are stuck in traffic. Nick/Starr arrive 1st. They face a Roadblock. They must scour the park for clues. They must count the number of Lenin and Stalin. After joining the two tallies, they must tell the number to an antique bookshop owner. They must then turn to page 62 to find clues to their next destination, the apartment of Mikhail Bulgakov, a famous Russian writer. Dallas does the task, but he’s got no idea what he’s doing. The Dandrews are at the wrong park.

Nick has got the right totals and heads to the bookshop. They take Ken/Tina’s cab who’s got GPS. Tina and Ken have a little fight. Dallas mistakes Stalin for Lenin. Nick gets the book. He finds the clue and heads off to the building. Dallas has got the wrong totals. 6 Stalins and 3 Lenins. He’s got to wait 10 mintues before he can guess again.

Nick arrives 1st. Teams must now travel to Sokol’niky park and find a lady with pony to get their next clue. Dandrews arrive at the park first. Dallas asks Tina for help, but she goes in quickly without helping. Starr thinks that a Shetland pony is a type of hairdo.

The teams face a Detour. Teams have to choose between Ride the Rails or Ride the Lines. In Ride the Rails, they will travel via metro to find a snack shop. They will get a snack and use the wrapper contains their next clue to get to another station. Here, they must find the statue dedicated to the men who create the Cyrillic alphabet. They will find a Baboushka, who in exchange for their pastry, they will get a clue for their last station and clue.

In Ride the Lines, teams make their way to a bus stop. Then they take the bus to anther stop. A keymaker will give them a storage locker key. They will take another bus to a station and search the locker that matches their key. They will retrieve a postcard for their last station.

Nick/Starr decide to do Ride the Rails.

Andy smartly asks help from a local, since he doesn’t remember who Lenin or Stalin is. Dallas guesses 63 and makes a mistake. Tina guesses 62 and gets the clue. Andrew misses one Stalin. Dallas finally gets the right number.

Nick is a New Yorker and he’s used to subways. Tina arrives and tells Toni that she helped Dallas. Ken isn’t happy that Tina helped Dallas. Andrew guesses 61 and has to wait 10 minutes. His next guess is 62.

Toni loses his travel bag. It had all of his money and both passports. He comes to tell this to his mom. Like an ass, he didn’t run after it. It wasn’t too far away. They start begging on the streets. Dan doesn’t have any money, and he probably wouldn’t have given them anything. A young boy gives them some money to take the metro.

Nick is calm and collected and gets them where they need to go. Andrew is happy. Tina/Ken find the lady with the pony. They decide to do the Ride the Rails Detour.

Nick/Starr get the clue and the pastry and they need to go back to the metro. Ken/Tina want to Ride the Rails and wait for the trolley bus.

Toni/Dallas took the metro so they have to go back and take the taxi. Having been spared elimination at the end of the last leg, they must complete a traditional dance. This is going to be pure gold. Dan is hopeless at dancing.

Two men give a lot of money to Toni/Dallas. Ken/Tina take the trolley bus, but that’s the other Detour. Andrew and Dan are dancing crazily. They need to do it one more time. After the second time, they get their clue. They chose to do Ride the Lines.

Nick/Starr find the baboushka. They must take the metro again to get their clue.

Ken/Tina take the wrong bus. They have to start the task again. Toni/Dallas start off again from the building.

Nick/Starr must make their way on foot to VDNKh Park, the pit stop for this leg of the race. They finish first. They win a trip for two to the island of Anguilla.

Ken/Tina find the keymaker. They get on the next trolley bus. Dandrew arrive and take the next bus. Ken/Tina find the next clue. Dandrew are close behind.

Toni/Dallas decide to do Ride the Lines. They need to beg for some more money. A nice girl gives them some money. Ken/Tina don’t know what they are doing. They walk right by the station. The Dandrews walk right by the clue box. The Dandrews find the cluebox. They are in 2nd place. They start to run. They finish 2nd. Ken/Tina start running after them. They are told that they need to pick up their clue. They’ve got no idea where to find it. They find the cluebox and get the the clue. They run back. They finish 3rd.

Phil goes to get Toni/Dallas. They are told that they are eliminated.

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