The Amazing Race You Look Like Peter Pan S13E11 (CBS)

The teams fly to Portland, Oregon. Nick/Starr look tired. They get on a Lufthansa flight. Tina is tired as well. She thinks that Ken has changed. All three teams are on the same flight. Ken/Tina are the first ones out. Nick/Starr are closely behind. They are off first. The Dandrews have a cabbie who’s lost. Ken/Tina arrive first because Nick/Starr’s cab took a wrong turn.

The teams face a Detour. They face High and Dry or Low and Wet. In High and Dry, teams must climb up a tree, traverse a 30 ft log and retrieve half of their clue. Each team member must complete the task in order to retrieve their clue. In Low and Wet, teams walk across logs across a river.

Nick/Starr arrive. Nick goes up quickly. Tina has trouble with her helmet. Starr gets her clue first and they must now travel to the Bridge of the Gods. They will travel by zipline to an island 2,000 ft below to retrieve their next clue. Tina makes it to the end of the log and has trouble psyching herself up to do the jump. All of the teams chose to do High and Dry.

Once again, Nick/Starr’s makes a wrong turn. He drives past the bridge. Ken is on Tina’s case. Ken/Tina get off the zipline first. Teams must now use the power of memory to answer a question about each of the preceding legs of the race. By the time that Nick/Starr arrive, Ken/Tina have completed their first question. While Nick/Starr are looking for their first answer, Ken/Tina find their second one. Nick/Starr make up ground quickly and they are both on the same question. Nick/Starr move ahead. Both teams are at the last question. Nick/Starr find it first. They run to the parking lot to find their next clue. Teams must now travel to the Portland Building and search the plaza for a green dinosaur. Ken/Tina are finished as well. The Dandrews arrive at the bridge.

Ken/Tina and Nick/Starr pass each other a few times and jockey for first place. Nick/Starr arrive first and find the dinosaur first. They must now travel on foot to Alder St and find the food cart from Russia. Nick/Starr jog away. Ken/Tina need help to find the dinosaur. Teams must now go to Voodoo Donut.

Ken/Tina are told to take the faster way to the donut shop. Nick/Starr run right by it. They find it. They must now take a taxi to the finish line. Both teams have trouble finding a cab. Nick/Starr win the Amazing Race. They finish 1st. They win $1 million.

Tina and Ken put their rings back on.

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