Survivor Gabon The Good Guys Should Win In The End S17E12 (CBS)

Corinne and Bob’s plan fell through. Kenny was able to hedge the vote accordingly. However, Matty didn’t like receiving all of those votes. Matty thinks that Kenny wanted him out.

I have been calling the shots since the beginning. I am the mastermind.

Sugar and Kenny will get rid of Matty next. Crystal regrets not voting for Matty. Kenny confronts Bob about the idol. Kenny is still mad. Bob feels bad. Bob says that if he wins the next immunity, he will give it to Kenny. That’s another bonehead manoeuvre. What are these guys thinking? Bob should get voted out just for that.

It’s time for the next challenge. It involves running through a swamp to retrieve a ball. They, they have to throw the ball into a hoop. The first one to 3 wins. The winner gets to choose someone to go to Exile Island. The winner will be flown to a gorilla sanctuary.

Matty is the first one back with his ball, followed by Kenny and Bob. Sugar brings up the rear. Matty gets his first ball in. Kenny has his in. Bob also has his in. Matty is already back with his next ball. Kenny is back as well. Matty gets his second ball. Bob gets his on the first ball. Kenny heads back. Matty is the first one back. He doesn’t make the shot. They are all back. Bob makes the shot and wins reward. He gets to choose someone to go with him. For some reason, he chooses Crystal. What a crock! He chooses Kenny as well. Bob sends Susie to Exile Island. I had forgotten that Susie was still in the game. Matty wants to work on Sugar so that she aligns with him.

Kenny, Bob and Crystal arrive via helicopter. They first get some food. Kenny implies that he wants to get rid of Matty. Bob is an ass. I don’t know what he is playing at. Being a stooge never works out. Bob says that the decision is up to Kenny.

They take showers. They get some fresh clothes. The gorilla project is called Africa’s Eden. The big gorilla looks really nice. The gorillas look at them pensively and curiously.

Susie decides to take comfort since she knows that Sugar has the idol. At the Nobag camp, Matty is working on Sugar. Matty knows that if he doesn’t win immunity, he’s a goner. Sugar says that her main alliance is with Crystal and Kenny.

When they come back, Matty is still pissed. It makes Kenny mad. Crystal and Matty argue. Sugar thinks that Matty doesn’t deserve to be yelled at. Sugar has a little cry later on. Sugar sees that Kenny spins all the lies and Crystal is just a bully. Sugar talks with Matty. She didn’t like seeing them kick Matty when he is down. Sugar tells him that he’s not going to go. Sugar says that with Bob and Sue, they can get further in the game and get rid of Crystal and Kenny.

Now, the game is getting interesting. It’s time for the next immunity challenge. I don’t think that Bob will win immunity. Anyone who gives up immunity at this point in the game is an idiot. The challenge involves observing a mask. They retrieve a bag of features. They will then recreate the mask at a station. They will be blindfolded. Matty is the first one out. He heads back for another bag. Everyone else starts working on the puzzle. Crystal is off the course. She’s even outside her lane. What kind of athlete is Crystal? She’s big, that’s it. She’s never performed well in anything. Everyone is working on their masks. Susie is off the course. She’s been off for a while. Both Bob and Kenny thought they had it, but they don’t. Bob wins immunity again. That’s four straight challenges. He’d be a total imbecile if he gave it up. He reminds me of Terry. Slimy Kenny thinks that he’ll get the immunity tonight.

Slimy Kenny wants to get the immunity and then vote off Bob tonight. Kenny talks with Bob. Crystal tells Sugar that Ken will be getting the immunity from Bob. He tells everyone to tell Bob that they are voting for Matty when in reality they are voting for Bob.

Sugar talks with Bob. She tells Bob that he will get blindsided tonight. Sugar has another cry. Sugar says that she will not vote for him. The good guys should win. Matty is an idiot. He almost blows it. Sugar tells him to shut up. She will do the talking and thinking. She tells him to vote for Crystal.

It’s time for tribal council. Kenny thinks that he is at risk for leaving. He’s a lying little bitch. Sugar has brought the Immunity Idol. Bob decides to keep the necklace. He almost gave it up. I would have used the opportunity to get rid of Slimy Kenny. Sugar gives the Immunity Idol to Matty who uses it. The jury is really happy to see this twist. I think that they want to see Kenny and Crystal leave. Crystal is voted out. That was a good move. The winner of Survivor is either going to be Bob or Sugar. The only question is if they are going to make it into the finals. They were simply outplayed and outwitted.

Kenny will be the next to go.

* * * * *

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