Dexter Do You Take Dexter Morgan S03E12 (Showtime)

Red stairs

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

It’s the 3rd season finale of Dexter. Lila is dead. Dexter is back at work. His life with Rita is going well. Dex does something stupid when he moves in to kill Freebo. He kills someone else. He wasn’t prepared to find out who it was he killed. At least no one is on Dex’s case.

Dex is able to move on, to get by his father’s death while Deb is still stuck. I thought that this was a great way to start the third season of Dexter. I recommend this show, it was filled with interesting bits.

Warning: Spoilers ahead and strong language.

* * * * *

Dex was kidnapped by Vince for his bachelor party. This time, things go differently. Miguel is dead and they are investigating King for his death. They are hot on King’s trail, even though they haven’t caught him yet. Deb gets a promotion. Dex tries to reason with Ramon and gets caught.

It was almost the end for Dex, but he manages to get King and to get hitched as well. This was a great way to end the season.

* * * * *

Before dying, Miguel put the Skinner on Dexter’s ass. Miguel is left in the middle of a park. A runner finds him the next day. Dexter arrives on the scene. There are several patches of skin missing on Miguel’s shoulder. Ramon is there. He looks angry. That’s two brothers he lost to Dexter. Ramon approaches Dexter. He’s mad as hell. It looks like Dex might have to get rid of the 3rd Prado brother again.

Dex was pushed out of the door of the funeral by Ramon. They get a card from Rita’s mom. She hopes that the 3rd time will be the charm. This implies that Rita was married twice before. Rita lies about this.

Dex comes to his place and finds it ransacked by cops. It was burglarized. It was Ramon Prado. His neighbour gave a good description. That was a lot of cops for a burglary. They had forensics there as well. Ramon even destroyed his suit for the wedding. Dex sees Harry telling him to get rid of Ramon. Harry says that he can’t ignore him. Dex sees Wolf’s wedding bang. He can use it to make Ramon back down.

Sarah, Ramon’s wife, hasn’t seen Ramon. He didn’t come home from the funeral. Dex is trying to find him through the Sheriff’s department. Dex discovered that Paul Bennett wasn’t Rita’s first husband. She was married when she was 16. She was divorced 6 months later. He phones Whitaker, Ramon’s old partner, to find Ramon. He gives him a few bars.

King is known as Jorge Orosco. El Fiero, the Blade as he was known in Nicaragua. He was a captain in the Contras. He interrogated and tortured them.

Morgan is told that she is promoted to Detective. She tells Dexter and heads down to see Frances for her dad’s file. She hasn’t found it yet.

LaGuerta wants a word with Dex. Maria is upset that an interchange near her house is named after Miguel. She wants to link Miguel to the crimes. Dex discourages her. All that she will do is tear his family apart.

Deb sees Anton near the station. Dex is picking up the kids. He doesn’t know that Ramon is following him. Well, it’s either Ramon or King.

Angel tells Deb that she is in hot water. He learns that the ADA was looking into her for sleeping with Anton. Angel says that LaGuerta merits full disclosure. Deb says that he didn’t do much better with Gianna. Angel goes right in to see LaGuerta. He says that he met Gianna while he was strolling for hookers. Maria doesn’t want to know about his skeletons. He tells LaGuerta that Deb slept with Anton. He kind of retracts his recommendation of her. Maybe Deb won’t get promoted.

Dex notices someone following him. It’s Ramon. It’s a cop car. He accelerates at a stop light. He gets a ticket from a speed camera, but the car following him gets hit by another car.

Dex is having dinner with Rita and Syl. Ramon walks in and points a gun on Dex. Deb and Angel take him down.

It was King following Dex, not Ramon. Dex has a word with Ramon. Ramon says that he was Miguel’s bodyguard to protect him from Dex. Dex tells Ramon that he knew about Miguel’s darkness. Ramon says that he did this to their father, not other way around. Ramon says that he was sweeping up to cover Miguel’s ass. It wasn’t Miguel cleaning up after him. Dex makes a lot of sense. He finds out that he doesn’t always have to destroy a wounded animal, he can just remove the thorn. Dex will probably dismiss the charges.

The only evidence they got from the Skinner’s car is a tobacco leaf. It makes Deb think of King’s cigar company, El Royal Cigar company. They get nothing.

Dex is trying on his new suit. He’s getting married tomorrow. Will Dex get outplayed by King? Of course, King knocks him out when he tries to get into his car.

Vince is analyzing the evidence again. Deb sees that the files have come up from Francis. LaGuerta wants a word with her. Deb tells Maria that she still wants to be with Anton. She gives Deb her shield. Maria says that the ADA is dead. The probe died with him. She gives Deb some pastries. Maria says that her personal life will remind her of what’s important.

Dex wakes up tied to a desk. King is watching him. Dex realizes that he underestimated Miguel. Ramon wasn’t the only one following him. Dex admits to Harry that he isn’t afraid. Harry is afraid. It’s because he trusted Miguel Prado, that’s why this is happening. He didn’t follow the code. Dex forgives his dad. Harry cries. He says that they are Dex’s tears. He wants to see his son come into this world with Rita.

Deb pays Anton a visit. She says that he is like Valium. He says that he is like Red Bull. Deb says that she recused herself from the case. She chose him. Vince says that King wasn’t at the cigar factory. It turns out that the cigar company only moved in three years ago. The tobacco was 12 years ago. She finds out where they came from.

Dex finds a strategy. He tells King that he killed Freebo. He needed to. He calls King a monster. He says that Prado used him to get rid of Dex. King goes to get his tools. Dex tips over the table. He breaks his hand and gets free. He runs after King. The cops are coming. After breaking his neck, Dex throws King onto the cars. He was dead already. Dex escapes.

Dex turns up for the wedding. He’s got a broken hand. Rita does look smoking hot. He lets Rita keep her secrets. Deb arrives and helps Dex tie his tie.

Me in a dress, I feel like a transvestite.

It’s time for Dex’s wedding. They get married.

* * * * *

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