Survivor Gabon Finale S17E13-14 (CBS)

So Sugar switched alliances and got rid of Crystal. Kenny is surprised. Kenny and Susie are the next ones to go. Matty, Sugar and Bob are going into the finals, unless Susie or Kenny win the immunity. The “mastermind” is out of the loop. He feels betrayed. Who cares? He’s a snake. Bob doesn’t care. Kenny looks worried.

Sugar and Bob are talking strategy. They want to take them all out. Sugar’s plan is to be in the final three with Bob and Matty. Sugar wants to make Kenny feel safe. She goes to the woods to talk strategy with them to check tree mail. It works. That’s good, because he’ll be blindsided next. They get some clothes and paints. They dress up as “warriors”.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. Bob has won 4 challenges in a row. Will he win this one again? For today’s challenge, they have to dig under a wall, make their way through a maze to a place filled with Gabonese huts. Three huts contain puzzle pieces. They have to assemble them into a Gabonese hut. Bob is the first one to try to get through the wall. Susie is the first one through. Kenny and Bob follow closely. Matty comes and Sugar brings up the rear. The maze is an elevated maze. Matty falls off and has to start again. Susie is the first one through the maze. Sugar, Kenny, and Bob are through as well. Matty brings up the rear. Sugar is the first one through the gate. The next maze of Gabonese huts. There are 25 huts. Matty finds his first puzzle pieces. Kenny is close behind. Susie also finds hers. The others are close. Matty is back with his second bag. Kenny and Susie follow. Susie and Bob are getting tired. Sugar has her final bag. Sugar starts working on her puzzle. Bob is 2nd. Bob will win immunity. Matty arrives. Susie can’t find her last bag. It’s between Sugar and Bob. Bob wins immunity again!

Susie hadn’t even started to assemble her puzzle. Kenny isn’t worried. He talked it over with Sugar. Matty comes to tell him the plan. Matty is stonewalling Susie. She is getting worried. Matty tells her to do what she feels like doing. Matty is crazy. He’s about to blow it by talking with Sugar at camp. Sugar doesn’t really know what to do.

It’s time for tribal council. Bob is tied with Terry in Survivor history for the most consecutive wins in challenges. Susie feels like an outsider. Kenny feels like he’s repaired the damages that he wrought in the past. Kenny brings up the immunity necklace fiasco. Bob says that Kenny went back to the tribe and wanted to blindside him. That was what changed him.

If I help you, you help me. Not if I help you, you stab me in the back.
Bob about Kenny

Kenny looks like a dick. All of the jurors are laughing at him. Bob naturally keeps the necklace. Kenny is a wormy little weasel. I hope he gets evicted now. Kenny is evicted. Marcus and Charlie are happy.

Why does Randy have a Mohawk?

It’s day 38 and Susie knows that if she doesn’t win, she’s gone. If she wins, she will vote for Bob. Sugar and Bob are on the boat together. Nobag burns the masks representing the eliminated tribemates. After that load of crap, it’s time for the final immunity challenge. Each tribe member has 200 wooden tiles. They have to build a house of wooden cards. The first person to build a house 10 feet tall will win immunity. Once again, this is a perfect task for Bob. Each tribe member has a different strategy. Sugar’s house goes up fast, but doesn’t look sturdy. Susie’s house collapses. Sugar’s collapses. Matty works methodically. Sugar’s collapses again after 6 feet. Susie is in the lead and hers collapses again. Bob’s collapses again. Matty is in the lead. He takes his time. Sugar and Susie are again in the lead. Bob is still struggling. And once again, it collapses. Sugar’s is about to collapse again. Susie is at 6.5 feet. Matty’s looks very stable. Susie is at 8 feet. She waits. They are in their last minute. Sugar is at 7 feet. Matty is at 6.5 feet. Susie is still waiting. Bob can’t get it up. Sugar’s collapses again. Susie wins immunity. It’s wasted on her because she won’t win Survivor. She’ll just be called as flying under the radar. If I was playing, I’d get rid of Sugar. She’s the strongest player. It’s either Sugar or Bob. They are the biggest threats.

Sugar is getting emotional. She didn’t plan on this happening. She has a little cry because she doesn’t want to vote for him. Bob knows that he’s going home. Matty tells Bob that he’s voting for him. Susie goes on about winning. Bob is a bit annoyed. Susie is voting for Bob. It’s out of Sugar’s hands. Susie is being an ignorant loudmouth. She is getting on Bob’s nerves. He tells her to shut up and change subjects. Susie keeps going on about it. Sugar and Matty tell her to shut up.

Sugar has another little cry. Sugar comes up with a plan. If Susie and Matty vote for Bob and if Sugar and Bob vote for Matty, they will cause a tie. It will be up to fate.

Bob goes into the woods. He practices starting fires. Bob is smart. He’s not letting it up to chance.

It’s time for the final tribal council. Most of the jurors have trouble believing that Susie won. Sugar has another cry. The jury agrees that Sugar won’t win against Matty or Bob. Bob starts to cry as well. He’s getting emotional when he talks about his children and fatherhood. Jeff makes it all about Sugar. It’s getting annoying. Tears are streaming down Sugar’s face. Bob votes for Matty, Matty votes for Bob. Basically, it’s all down to Sugar. If she votes for Bob, she will cause the tie. She does so indeed.

The jury can’t believe it. It’s time for the fire-making tiebreaker between Matty and Bob. It’s funny, because the winner of this tie-breaker will win the title of Sole Survivor. Bob gets his fire first. His flame dies quickly. Matty has a lot of sparks but no fire. Bob’s starts to smoulder again. It starts to burn again. Bob wins the tie-breaker easily. Matty hasn’t even started his fire, much to Charlie’s and Corinne’s delight. Bob wins the challenge and moves into the finals. Crystal and Kenny don’t look happy.

It’s day 39 and Nobag receives food. Sugar is worried about the jury. She had a hand in evicting most of them. They light their huts on fire. It’s time for the final tribal council. Susie is the odd woman out. No one will vote for her. Randy already wants to vote for Sugar. Kenny wants to talk to Susie. Why does she deserve to win over Sugar and Bob?

Susie’s opening statement isn’t worth much. Bob says that he didn’t outwit or outplay them. He only outlasted them. Corinne doesn’t want to hear from Sugar. She says that she was by herself most of her game.

Charlie asks Susie and Sugar why they should win, since they were ranked at the bottom of their tribes. Susie keeps repeating that she keeps trying, and that’s why she should win. Crystal tells Susie that she rode coat-tails. Crystal has trouble speaking. She wants to know why Sugar voted her out. Sugar says that is because of the way she bullied people around. Kenny asks Susie why she deserves the million bucks. Susie says that she is the underdog. That doesn’t answer the question. Kenny wants to know why Sugar backstabbed him. Sugar starts to cry. She says that she didn’t have a choice. Kenny once again asks Bob about the immunity necklace fiasco. Bob tells him that he was planning to vote him out. Corinne wants to see nasty Bob. Bob says that he didn’t like the way that Sugar got rid of Randy. Corinne tells Sugar that she doesn’t deserve the million bucks. All she needs to get some anti-depressants to stop crying all the time. Sugar gives her the finger.

Marcus asks Sugar what she will do for her dad’s memory. She says that she would give something for a lung cancer foundation. Bob digs his own grave by saying that everyone else took the decision, he didn’t. That’s not the way a winner should speak.

Randy wants to know why Susie felt sorry for him. He asks Sugar why she made a jackass out of him. Sugar says that Randy was a jerk the whole time. Susie’s response to Matty is to start finding faults in Sugar and Bob. She tries to ingratiate herself to the jury. It’s so transparent. She doesn’t make much sense. Sugar seems fake with all her fake crying.

Final Vote

Matty                    Susie
Charlie                  Bob
Crystal                  Susie
Corinne                 Bob
Marcus                 Bob
Randy                   Bob
Kenny                   Susie

Reunion Show

Sugar looks hot. Susie leads 3-1 against Bob. It’s now 3-2. Sugar hasn’t got a vote yet. 3-3. The winner is Bob. He is the sole survivor. He deserves it. He says that he was trying to be under the radar most of the game. Everyone was amazed at how he made the immunity idol. He stripped the Kota flag when Corinne told him that they were sending him to Exile. He found the base walking around. Jeff says that he salvaged the idol when they left tribal. He gives it to Bob. Bob is trying to bring some of the challenges back into his classroom. Jeff asks the tribe if Matty would have won the tie-breaker, would they have voted for Matty to win? It turns out that he would have gotten 4 votes and he would have won Survivor. That fire making challenge was worth a million dollars.

Jeff was shocked at the votes for Susie. The deciding vote was Randy. He was the swing vote. He voted for Bob. Randy says that the cookie that Susie gave someone else cost her a million dollars. That’s why he voted for Bob.

Sugar’s name is Jessica Kiper. She can’t leave her house without make-up on. Sugar says that she doesn’t cry everyday. She’s gotten stronger. She cried because she lost her dad.

Jeff replays Corinne’s comment about Sugar. Sugar gave Corinne the finger.

It was like being stranded in Africa with a colicky baby. I had enough.

She was angry. She was forced to spend time with Sugar. She didn’t like Sugar at all. Corinne likes the boos. Marcus agrees that Sugar was annoying. Corinne wasn’t happy that she wasn’t portrayed in a negative light. She was nasty from the beginning to the end. She told Jeff that she was as nasty as Randy. Corinne says that she is sarcastic.

Randy gets applause. He says that he is bitter. He wasn’t always like that. He was fun and likable before. For the last 15 years, Randy’s best friend was his dog. Randy has the second highest IQ behind Marcus. Randy used to be a commercial pilot. He has an engineering degree from Vanderbuilt, participated in Ironmans and marathons. He bought six strangers to the show. They are fans. He applied to be on the show 15 times.

You’re either born with the ability to like me or not.

You’re one of the most despicable and likable people we’ve had on.
Jeff about Randy

Charlie was friends with Randy and Corinne. He says that they have big hearts and they are really smart.

It’s time to learn if Crystal was really an Olympic athlete. She was horrible at all of the challenges and generally sucked ass. Crystal brought her Olympic gold medal to the show. She was a member of the 4×4 relay. Crystal says that the challenges were hard. Her friends called her up and told her that she sucked.

Kenny says that he is known for his mindgames in the gaming community. He says that he got cocky. That was his downfall.

-Kenny do you have a girlfriend?
-If talked to some girls lately…
Jeff and Kenny

Michelle doesn’t make much sense. Ace is asked about his accent. He is from London and lived there for 8 years.

Matty is 3rd for the $100K from Sprint. Sugar is 2nd and Bob wins another $100K. Bob has no reaction. Susie says that he is in shock.

Matty got engaged and is still engaged. The date for the wedding is set. He got Jamie a real ring in LA. GC was gone because he was hungry.

The next season of Survivor is heading to Tocantins, in the high-lands of Brazil.

* * * * *

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