Heroes Dual S03E13 (NBC)

Heroes was one of the few runaway hits of the last few years. It’s extremely popular and has a large fanbase, transcending the comic book genre on which it is based. The plot revolves around the so-called Heroes trying to save the world from destruction. Their lives become intertwined as they struggle. Some characters are able to travel to the past and into the future, changing the stories as they unfold.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

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I’ve waited till the end of the semester to catch up on the episodes. I have to say that I am disappointed. The 3rd season isn’t really good. The dialogue sucks and pretty much everything is predictable.

Bad. That’s all I got to say. Maybe not. This was a terrible volume of the story. What happened to the great scripts of season 2? It’s hard to believe that the same people are involved with this show. Maybe they aren’t. I haven’t checked up on this, but maybe some writers quit.

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Peter is standing over his father with the gun. He tells Nate it was Sylar. Nate arrives. He says that it’s not dad’s plan anymore, it’s ours. Pete cocks his gun. He can’t shoot his brother. He almost gives him the gun and knocks Nate out.

Angela, Meredith, Claire and Noah are at Primatech and heading to Pinehearst. The facility goes into lockdown mode. Sylar is there. He says that he killed Arthur. He wants to prove them all that they are monsters as well. Claire knows his Achilles Heel. It’s a spot behind his neck. It’s really annoying. Sylar wants Claire to kill her grandma. Sylar will release Noah and Meredith if she does so. Noah releases three villains. He tasks them of killing Sylar. Noah is using them as bait.

Hiro is trapped in the past talking to a pigeon. Ando thinks that they have to save him. Ando, Parkman and Daphne head to Suresh’s loft. He’s not there. Daphne heads to the Pinehearst lab by herself. She wants the formula. At Pinehearst, Mohinder is injecting himself with the new formula. The infection has spread to his lungs. While they argue, Daphne sweeps in and takes the injection. Knox and Flint want to destroy the lab. Nate is woken up by the Marine. Nate sends him to take care of Pete. Knox kills the Marine and babysits Nate.

Daphne comes back with the formula. Ando is about to inject the formula. He falls unconscious. I don’t know why Ando thought that he was going to travel in time. Ando’s had dispenses some form of caloric energy. Kind of like Jubilee in the X-Men. Parkman touches him and it was like an explosion in his head. He could hear everyone in the city. Daphne touches him and she pops away, so fast that she travels into the past. So Ando can energize other people’s ability past their normal level. Naturally, Daphne can do this. That’s what the Flash ultimately could do. The other thing that he could do was moving so fast that our reality wasn’t large enough to hold him anymore.

In the past, Hiro manages to get himself off the pole and into his parents’ apartment. Past-Hiro says that his mom is dead. Future-Hiro is sad as well. He failed his dad. Future-Hiro wants to find the formula.

As much as season 2 was riveting, season 3 is turning into BS. The dialogue is terrible.

Sylar is trapped by fatty. He’s taken out pretty quickly. Sylar injects Meredith’s heart with adrenaline. Noah finds her in a holding tank. She can’t control her fire anymore. Sylar locks them in. Sylar has trapped Claire and Angela. This is really boring. Claire arrives at the holding cell. Noah asks Meredith to heat the glass. He tries to shatter it with a bullet. It doesn’t work. Claire breaks it by jumping through.

Nate tries to get away from Knox, but Tracy kills him. He freezes to death and shatters.

In the past, Future-Hiro gets the formula. His father surprises him. Hiro tears the formula up and is whisked away in a flash by Daphne and Ando. They arrive in the present. Daphne and Hiro head over to find the formula. Hiro knocks Tracy on her ass and they take the formula away.

Peter and Flint take care of the formula and drench Mohinder in it. Flint is about to set the whole place on fire. Nate knocks him out. Nate beats up Pete. Flint gets up and starts the fire. Pete injects himself with the formula. He recovers his abilities and saves Nate from Flint before the whole place explodes.

Sylar is having a talk with Angela. She’s not his mother. She lies to him and Sylar reprimands her. She says that she knows who his real parents. While he starts to strangle Angela, Claire kills Sylar. Meredith still can’t control her fire and she immolates the whole building. Claire, Angela and Noah make it out.

Pete and Nate arrive somewhere. They argue some more and Nate flies away. Hiro destroys the formula. Mohinder leaves with Tracy. Parkman sees Usutu in the loft.

Volume 4 Fugitives

Three weeks later, Nate is briefing the President in Washington on all of the people who have abilities. He wants all of them rounded up and put in a detention facility.

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