Prison Break Going Under S04E15 (Fox)

Prison Break is an American serial drama television series that premiered on the Fox Broadcasting Company on August 29, 2005. The story revolves around a man named Lincoln Burrows who was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and his brother Michael Scofield’s elaborate plan to help him escape his death sentence.

Created by Paul Scheuring, the show is produced by Adelstein-Parouse Productions in association with Original Television and 20th Century Fox Television. The current executive producers are Paul Scheuring, Matt Olmstead, Kevin Hooks, Marty ,Brett Ratner.

The show is currently in its third season. The uniqueness of Prison Break is attributed to its serialized story structure, a similar format used by Lost and 24, and to its setting, as very few television series were primarily set and filmed in a prison. Its success and recognition as a prison drama revived interest in the genre following the success of Oz.

From the Wikipedia entry of Prison Break.

I’m a bit late, but the fourth season of Prison Break just started. Three shows have already been aired. I wondered how I would find these episodes. This episode was also pretty good. Even if you think that they wouldn’t really find a way to continue the narrative, it continues to be riveting. The crew is faced with multiple problems on a lot of different fronts. Will they be able to find a way through them?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Linc tells Sara that Mike needs surgery. Sara is appalled of talking with Pad Man. Sara sees that Linc is working for the General. Scofield is told that he will be conscious during the operation. The General wants Linc to find Scylla.

They’ve picked up Bagwell. Linc questions him. He starts pulling out his teeth. He gives Linc a location. Linc gets Sucre to work with him.

Self and Gretchen get ready to meet the buyer. Mahone wants to get a bathroom break. Mark says that if he tries to escape, he’ll shoot him through the back of the head. Mahone does his business but he tells Felicia that she should have trusted him instead of selling him out to Mark. Mahone took a pipe from the faucet.

Mike is getting his procedure. He goes under and finds DB Cooper there with him in a cell at Fox River. There is a wall filled with clues.

Sucre and Linc are heading to the meet. Gretchen gets a call from Rita. She says that they are fine. She says that people came for Bagwell. Rita tells her to stay away from them. Gretchen says that if Bagweel knew the location of the meet, the Company does so as well. Linc and Sucre arrive. Self and Gretchen have already gone. A man was watching them. He calls the buyer and says that the seller isn’t there.

Mahone escapes from the car. Lang and Mark are after him. Lang gets Mahone. She lets him get away and tells Mark that Mahone went the other direction.

The General assures Sara that the treatment that Mike is receiving is state of the art. Another patient received the same and lived a long and happy life. Is he talking about Mike’s mother? Sara is told that Mike might lose some memory, but he won’t ever notice that it’s gone. There is a problem. Mike is reliving parts of the Scylla episode. He sees the General talking. Mike starts to crash. Sara gets involved and she’s able to talk him back to consciousness.

Self and Gretchen are buying a cell phone at a convenience store. They get picked up by some CCTV cameras. The Company informs Linc and Sucre. Gretchen and Self arrive at the place where they will make the sale. The representative arrives. He wants to verify the validity of Scylla before transferring the funds. Self is once again acting like a total amateur. He looks like an idiotic boy scout gone bad. He opens folder named nuclear, solar, wind, and bargain. He shoots at them when they are distracted by noises. He gets Self. He gets away with Scylla.

Linc and Sucre arrive on site. Gretchen tries to shoot them, but runs out of ammo. Linc outmaneuvers her.

Mike wakes up and tells Sara that he things that it’s about energy. Boron, Argon, Gallium, Indium. If they are able to combine these elements, they could make a solar cell that could harness 100% of the sun’s energy.

Sucre wants to leave. He can’t do this anymore. Linc briefs the General. He wants Linc to work with Self, Gretchen and Bagwell to retrieve Scylla. Linc goes to see Mike. He tells him about the deal he made for Mike’s life. He tells Mike that mom worked with the Company before she died. He leaves Mike the Tombstone II folder.

The representative is leaving with Scylla.

* * * * *

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