Prison Break Season 4 Episodes 2 to 16

Prison Break season 4 intertitle via Wikipedia

If I had to choose between Prison Break and Heroes, hands down Prison Break would win. The most recent season of Heroes is frightfully bad. I just hope that Volume 4: Fugitives will be better than Volume 3: Villains.

Back to Prison Break.

It’s quite exceptional that the show has been able to continue producing twisted storylines of the prisoners. There are quite a few developments, including the reappearance of Sara Tancredi, when she was supposed to be dead, and the return of Susan/Gretchen, even though she was supposed to be dead. We see here a reoccurring motif.

It’s needless to say that most of the fourth season was spent chasing after Scylla, the Company’s black book. We finally learn more about Scylla. It contains more than names, it comes a roadmap of technology that will enable to the Company to harness completely the solar energy of the sun.

The first part of the season is spent trying to get Scylla away from the Company. The crew is successful, but ends up being double crossed by Agent Self, their handler from the DHS. Self is an amateur at best. How he was able to orchestrate this is surprising. Even Gretchen is surprised.

The bumbling fool manages to get Scylla away from our boys, but screws up by letting the rep of a buyer get Scylla. Scylla ends up in the hands of Scofield and Burrows mom, who was supposed to be dead, but was working for the Company all along.

Scofield is sick and in order to get his treatment, Linc has to work with the Company to retrieve Scylla. Episode 16 ends with the crew not having access to Scylla and Mike’s mom having possession of Scylla.

I thought that the fourth season was pretty good. It’s surprising that the writers were able to keep the narrative still interesting. You would think that breaking out of prison would get boring after 4 seasons, but the characters always face more problems, which are tied to the Company.

I can easily recommend this series. Even though we compare it with 24, Prison Break has it’s own interest. 24 will always remain 24. Prison Break concentrates on a different narrative. Since it features the way of thinking of prisoners, it’s thought-provoking.

Just a quick word on 24. I didn’t really like Redemption. It was most annoying. Hopefully the long delayed seventh season of 24 won’t be like that TV movie.

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