24 10-11AM S07E03 (Fox)

24 has started up again and it’s not pretty. Well, that’s not really so, but there are some problems that I just can’t get let pass by, like the fact that the US is sending an invasion force to stop a genocide in some African country! We all know that this would never happen.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Taylor is told by Ethan that Almeida is in custody. He no longer has the CIP module. SecState says that Almeida is working for the Juma regime. He says that he is working for Kernel Dubaku. He has left a message for Taylor. He demands that they withdraw their forces, or thousands of Americans will die. They will require satellite confirmation that the Navy has withdrawn their aircraft carriers. It will take 6 days to reengineer the firewall.

Bauer, Walker, Moss and Almeida arrive at the FBI. Walker tells Moss that they have a leak. Moss finally understands the scope of things. Even so, the leak could still access the information. Moss wants to be kept in the loop. Walker trusts Moss implicitly. Tony is being prepped for interrogation. Janice is told by Walker that they have a leak. She wants her to vet the security systems.

It’s still possible that Tony is working for some agency, trying to infiltrate the terrorists.

Emerson is informed that the FBI has Almeida. Emerson wants to get him out, but his boss doesn’t want to get involved. Dubaku is getting impatient. He wants results. The White House hasn’t backed down.

Moss tells Walker about the threat from Dubaku. Bauer wants to question Almeida. Almeida says that he is working for the money that Juma is giving him. While Bauer is choking Almeida, he whispers the phrase “deep sky” in his ear. It’s an old CTU phone code. It’s a number for Bill. Chloe is there as well. They will need Jack’s help to get Tony back undercover, it’s their last hope.

Ethan tells Henry to stop going paranoid about his son’s suicide. Ethan tells Henry that Roger was about to get investigated by the SSC for some trades he had been doing. He killed himself before they laid charges. Taylor knew about this. Taylor has to back down otherwise Americans will be killed. She doesn’t want to.

Bill tells Jack that Tony is in deep cover. There is a conspiracy in the government. Some of the President’s cabinet is on the payroll. Bill is working outside the government. Bill wants Jack to get Tony out of FBI HQ. Jack wants to involve Walker. Bill says that it will put her at risk.

Sam phones Henry. She says that his suspicions were on the spot. She says that Roger didn’t commit suicide, he was murdered. She needs to see him alone.

Janice finds the leak. She tells Walker. This is just after Walker is told by Moss to get Bauer out of the FBI. Janice goes to the server room to see whoever is accessing the server. She finds out that Sean is the leak. He was just looking out for his wife, who is on a flight. Janice cleans up his mess.

Chloe is going to help Jack get to Tony. Walker arrives to get him out. He puts her under with a sleeper hold. He takes her gun and ID. Jack arrives in the interrogation room. He has Tony uncuffed. They take out Moss and the guard.

Sean finds that someone has hacked them. Janice tries to lock them out. It’s Chloe. She gets locked out. They find that Moss has been knocked out. She calls a security breach code 12. The FBI goes into high alert.

Walker and Moss arrive to take charge. They find Jack and Tony in a stairwell. Chloe is back in. Janice tries to get her back out. Jack and Tony evade them through a window. They are on the roof of the parking lot. Bill is almost there. There is a shootout. Tony makes it out. Jack has to cover him. Bill arrives to get Tony in a van. Jack is trying to hotwire a car. He uses it to get out of the FBI’s way. Tony provides covering fire while they both get into the van and get out.

* * * * *

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