Lost The Lie S05E02 (ABC)

Lost is a United States serial drama television series that follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island, after a passenger jet flying between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, United States crashes somewhere in the South Pacific. Each episode typically features a primary storyline on the island as well as a secondary storyline from another point in a character’s life. The show was created by Damon Lindelof, J. J. Abrams and Jeffrey Lieber, and is filmed primarily on location in Oahu, Hawaii. The pilot episode was first broadcast on September 22, 2004. Since then, three seasons have aired. The show is produced by ABC Studios, Bad Robot Productions and Grass Skirt Productions and airs on the ABC Network in the United States. Its incidental music is composed by Michael Giacchino. The current executive producers are Abrams, Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Jack Bender and Carlton Cuse. Because of its large ensemble cast and the cost of filming in Hawaii, the series is one of the most expensive on television.

From the Lost Wikipedia entry.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This episode is part of the season premiere of season 5. The story picks up right after the end of the last episode, There’s No Place Like Home.

Once again, the storyline is split into multiple narratives. One takes place in 2004, where the island is skipping through time because of the wheel that Ben pulled. Juliet and Sawyer are lost in the events that shaped the island. In 2007, Jack, Ben and the others are trying to get back together to return to the island. Ben learns that he doesn’t have much time to get everyone back to the island, otherwise it will be too late.

This is what makes Lost a great show. I thought that this was a great way to start the season.

* * * * *

Someone is getting two beers. Frank, Jack, Hurley, Kate, Aaron, Sun are on a boat named the Searcher. They are coming up with their story to protect the people on the island. Hurley doesn’t want to lie. Hurley tells Sayid that he is going to remember this. At some point in the future, he is going to need his help and Hurley won’t give it.

In the present, Hurley is driving the car with Sayid, who’s still unconscious. A police car stops them for driving over a mailbox. It’s Ana Lucia. She tells him that he needs to pull it together. She isn’t a real cop. He needs to go to a safe place. She tells him to stay away from the cops. Ana tells Hurley that Libby says hi. Hurley looks back and the squad car has disappeared.

On the beach, Bernard is trying to start a fire. Faraday arrives back at the beach two hours later. He tells them that he needs to know exactly when they are to plot a course away from the island.

Kate is looking through her phone. She almost phones Jack, but then decides against it. She gets a call. She is going to meet a friend. She meets Sun. She tells her that someone knows that they are lying. Sun says that they just want Aaron. She asks him about Jack.

Ben and Jack pack their stuff. He tells Jack that he needs to go pack. He’ll never be back. Jack accepts this. Ben is going to move John’s casket somewhere safe. He’ll pick Jack up in six hours. He goes to meet someone at a butcher’s. She is part of the Others. Her name is Jill. He leaves the body with her.

Hurley’s dad is making a caviar sandwich. He’s watching a show named Exposé. Hurley arrives. The LAPD is at the door. He sends them away. They are staking out the house. They have to take Sayid to see a doctor. Hurley has brought Sayid to Jack. Hurley tells him mom that they lied about what happened on the island. He doesn’t make much sense. He says that the rest of the people are still alive on the island, which has disappeared once again. She believes him. Jack takes Sayid to a hospital and is able to revive him. Sayid is worried about Hurley. Ben arrives to see Hugo. He says that Jack called him to get Hugo. If Hugo goes with him, he will never have to lie again. He wants to help Hugo. Hugo runs out to the cops. He confesses to the murders.

Faradays and Charlotte are eating mangoes. Charlotte has a headache that doesn’t seem to pass. She also has memory problems. Faraday knows something. Miles comes back with a dead carcass. Neil is freaking out. While this is happening, an arrow pierces him. It’s on fire. The survivors run into the jungle. They are being bombarded by burning arrows. Juliet and Sawyer are together in the jungle. They hear someone walking nearby. They get taken in by people from the Dharma Initiative. They are about to cut Juliet’s hand off when they are taken out by Locke.

Someone is writing something on a blackboard. It’s a woman. A strange mechanical device is drawing lines on a metal surface. She’s found an event window. She goes back up the stairs and arrives in a candle lit church. Ben is there. The woman has grey hair. She’s played by Fionnula Flanagan. She tells Ben that he has 70 hours left.

* * * * *

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