Fallout 3 Update and Impressions

Fallout 3 cover art via Wikipedia
Fallout 3 cover art via Wikipedia

Today, a new downloadable expansion was released for Bethesda’s Fallout 3. It’s called Operation Anchorage and you will be able to experience the Chinese invasion of Alaska. Sounds pretty cool. It’s available through the Xbox 360 Marketplace for about $10.

When I first got the game, I played for quite a while. I then stopped for almost three weeks. I was stuck playing only the main quest and didn’t have any sidequests anymore. Once I started playing again this week, I managed to complete the Reilly’s Rangers, which was quite challenging.

Most of the challenge comes from only one thing: how to get to a certain spot on your map. Imagine, Washington DC has been nuked and is a wasteland. It’s almost impossible to navigate in the city, since buildings are all over the place. The only way to really get around to most areas is by taking the metro tunnels, which are habited by radiation poisoned monster mutations. I must say that it took me at least 3 hours to be able to find the spot where I had to go.

I still think that this games misses two great things that are usually present in future-type games: cybernetics and psionic powers. I’d would have been happy with cybernetics. Still, the game is great. I like how this game is for mature audiences, so it’s filled with stuff that you wouldn’t see in a PG game.

Currently, I have to get quite a lot of money in order to repair my gear, from Eugene, my gatling minigun, to my gatling laser, to my powered armor, which seems to be in a wretched state. I managed to get the T51 PA, but it’s almost impossible to keep in service, since it keeps breaking down in quality. I find that an Enclave PA is much easier to maintain and keeps functioning better, since you are always getting attacked by Enclave soldiers.

I was surprised to see that Enclave soldiers had brainwashed (with some sort of brain implant) Deathclaws to work for them. Deathclaws are the most fearsom adversaries that you will find in the Waste. Talon Company Mercs have also gotten a lot tougher since I attained level 12. The area around the Capitol Buildling is quite dangerous, even though I managed to get into the place, Super Mutants keep coming back and there are constant skirmishes between them, Talon Company and Enclave troops around that area.

I like that even though I released the feral ghouls into Tenpenny Tower, I still have access to my suite. Since that happened, my character has shifted towards evil. I’m quite happy about that, because most missions involves doing good and sometimes that gets tedious. I still have to put together a Shishkebab, Railway Rifle and a few other weapons. The components aren’t easy to find.

Fallout 3 is most definitely a great game. I like how Bethesda is releasing updates and expansions through Xbox Live.

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