Maths Are Like Science

Les maths, c’est comme les sciences. On cherche à avoir le moins d’emmerdements possibles.
Maths are like science. You want to have the least amount of trouble.
Dr Roger Pierre during an Differential Equations lecture, Today @ 15:47

This quote is really funny, because in French, the word emmerdement has its roots in merde, which means shit. There is no real translation for this word, to conserve the root.

We were seeing Laplace transforms to solve differential equations of the second order. It’s quite an elegant way to solving them. Dr Pierre meant that instead of looking for a general and particular solution to create the solution of the differential equation, the problem became a different one, where we used a decomposition into partial fractions instead.

Other good quotes from this lecture include the following:

La loi de conservation des emmerdements
The law of the conservation of trouble

La science, c’est l’art de minimiser les emmerdements.
Science is the art of minimizing trouble

There is no free lunch.

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