24 1-2PM S07E06 (Fox)

24 has started up again and it’s not pretty. Well, that’s not really so, but there are some problems that I just can’t get let pass by, like the fact that the US is sending an invasion force to stop a genocide in some African country! We all know that this would never happen.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Bill and Chloe arrive to where Renee was buried alive. They free her. She’s not breathing. After a shot of adrenaline to the heart, she is revived. They tell her that they are working with Jack. Bill tells her that she cannot contact the FBI. The informants will alert Dubaku. She has to stay dead.

Emerson says that their payment is coming through. He says that he got Tony out of CTU thanks to Chris Henderson. He missed the artery and injected him with something. It was enough to make Jack think that Tony was dead. When he was revived, Jack had already killed Henderson and the mission was messed up. Tony chose to stay with Emerson afterwards. He hated what the government had done to Michelle.

Emerson pulls a gun on Jack. He thinks that Tony is going to steal his payment. Tony has to shoot Emerson twice. He’s still not dead. Matebo

Dubaku orders his people to clean up. He wants Emerson and his team killed. He sends Nichols to do the deed. He wants to keep the diamonds. Dubaku wants to target Washington DC next since President Taylor hasn’t budged.

Ethan implores Taylor to withdraw their forces from Sangala, but she is adamant about not bowing to terrorist demands. It’s putting American lives in jeopardy.

Tim from DHS says that Dubaku has forward a scrambled call to her. She takes it. He threatens her and tells her to look out of the window. A plane exploded. The cabinet wants her to recall the forces from Sangala. The President says that while there is a chance of recovering Matebo, she will not negotiate with terrorists. SecState Stevens makes a fuss about what the President is doing. He resigns. Taylor makes a shitty speech, which I mercifully skipped. God, this is annoying. Nice patriotic music is playing. The President goes into a little corner to grieve for the loss. Oochie-poo!

Bill, Chloe and Renee arrive at Jack’s location. Chloe plants a bug onto Matebo.

Tim tells Ethan that he needs to talk some sense into the President. Ethan says that she might listen to her husband, who’s about to be killed by his handler Gage. He’s going to kill Sam and Taylor. Taylor is still paralyzed. Gage stabs her from behind. He finishes the deed and stabs her a few times. Surprisingly, there is no blood sprouting from her wounds. Ethan calls Gage. He wants to talk with Taylor. Gage says that Taylor is at Sam’s apartment. He puts the knife in Taylor’s hand and make sure to get his prints on it. Unbeknownst to him, Taylor has regained some power of movement. He drags Taylor up the stairs and plans on hanging him in an apparent murder-suicide. While Gage tries to manoeuvre him into place, Taylor pounces. They both fall over the railing. Gage takes the brunt of the fall and Taylor is fine. Gage is dead.

Nichols arrives. Tony says that he killed Emerson. He didn’t want to split the cut. Tony wants the diamonds first. He sees them and gives Matebo to Nichols. Before Nichols can pull his trap, Jack snipes down the targets. He leaves Nichols alive. Tony tells him to leave with the Matebos.

Dubaku orders more planes to crash. The next target is in Ohio. Casualties will be high, about 18,000. Dubaku orders them to start.

* * * * *

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