Lie to Me S01E01 (Fox)

Skewed view of the Bank of China building.

Ever since Psych on TNT, other networks have tried to create similar shows. The premise is the same. A sort of super-detective being able to glean information from suspects thanks to micro-expressions and details that aren’t apparent to everyone else. In the case of Psych, it’s mostly comedy. In the case of The Mentalist, it’s mostly serious. Lie to Me stars Tim Roth as Dr. Cal Lightman, head of the Lightman Group, who questions suspects, for different government agencies, to decide whether they are telling the truth.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Dr. Cal Lightman is interrogating an Aryan Nation dude. He’s been instructed by his attorney not to talk. He was planning on fire-bombing a black church. Lightman is posing the questions. Without knowing, the dude gives him the answers. He gives a lecture on his interrogation technique. He studies micro-expressions and body language.

Lightman is the head of the Lightman Group. He gets called with Dr. Foster to another case. A student murdered his teacher. He was caught fleeing the scene by patrolmen. The mayor wants Lightman to investigate independently to find out if James is lying. Otherwise, he’s going to be tried as an adult and spend the rest of his life in prison.

Lightman starts his interrogation. He’s probably covering up an affair or something like that. He denies killing her. Lightman is observing the ADAs. He was lying about not being at her house before. He was also sad about her passing. He finds out that one of them was having an affair with another. James was homeschooled until this year. He’s had trouble adapting to social life. James’s family are devout Jehovah’s Witnesses. They question the students. The only interesting one is one of James’s lab partner, Jaclyn Matthis.

They recruit a TSA agent. She’s a natural lie detector. She gets a bag filled with money as a signing bonus. Dr. Foster indulges in slushies and puddings at odd moments. Foster is called away to clear a Congressman from being involved with hookers.

Eli is another guy at the Lightman Group. He always tells the truth. He brings Ria up to speed. Lightman and Foster examine James’s room. James’ father is hostile. It turns out that he’s a religious extremist. The mother was hiding something.

Jaclyn is preggers, that’s what she was nervous. Lightman goes home to see his daughter Emily. Her boyfriend is coming over to take her out.

Foster is questioning the Congressman. He’s lying about what he was doing on Friday night. James was expressing deep shame during his polygraph. Lightman infers that there was a sexual relationship between James’ teacher and him.

They go back to question James’ parents. They are still hiding something. They found pictures that James took of his teacher. He had been spying of Ms. McCartney. Lightman shows them to James. On the night of the murder, he went back to the house and spied on her. He says that he didn’t know that she was dead. He started having unclean thoughts and masturbated. He ran away from the cops. The ADA is planning on charging James and trying him. He thinks that he has enough for a Grand Jury.

Foster leaves with her husband. He was lying about being held up with work. Ria is going to investigate Melissa, a girl at the club the Congressman was supposed to be visiting. She discovers that Weil isn’t doing any freaky with her. He spent $82,000 on her.

James is on suicide watch. He’s had a breakdown. They see something in the photos that James took. Some of them were taken the same day that McCartney was killed. She had an argument with someone. At least, that’s what her body language is a saying. They question the principal. He recognized the car in the photo. He doesn’t say anything.

Ria finds out something about Weil. The escort Melissa is his daughter. She was adopted. A couple of years ago, he hired a private investigator to find his daughter. He tried to get her to quit the escort club. He is close to making Melissa change her mind about the club. He doesn’t want the truth to come out to save himself, he wants to protect his daughter.

The car belongs to Jaclyn Matthis. She didn’t kill McCartney, but she knows who did. She isn’t saying anything. Lightman tells Jaclyn that James committed suicide. It doesn’t matter anymore. The principal is involved. He’s the father of her child. McCartney saw them together. She tried to stop this. She was going to turn the principal in. Jaclyn told him and he killed McCartney. They arrest him. James is fine, it was just a bluff.

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