Life Badge Bunny S02E09 (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a police detective who was recently exonerated of a series of murders after having spent 12 years in jail for life. There was a conspiracy to send him to jail. Part of the reason that he as able to last as long in jail was to get back and to find out why he was setup. The setup involves the killing of the Seybolt family. Crews recently discovered Rachel Seybolt alive. She’s been living with him.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The next case is about the murder of Felix Bana, a drug dealer. Someone emptied his pockets and took what he was holding. Three shots went into a girl. The killer put three bullets in a girl. She smells of tequila and white powder on her nose. She was a school teacher named Kendall.

Crews goes to see Felix’s boss Justin Tapp. He doesn’t say much. Reese asks one of Kendall’s colleagues for information. Reese gets her things from the school. She was clean last month when the school had a random drug test. There are a series of digits in the back of her address book. They are badge numbers, LAPD badge numbers. The grades mean that she graded their performance. She was a badge bunny. They go to see the cops. There is a wake at a local cop bar for Kendall. The bar is filled with badge bunnies. Crews is surrounded by cute bunnies. Crews gets a few numbers. Reese talks to a really dumb cop.

-I’d like to come to my own wake.
-Then you’d be dead.
Crews and Reese talking

They talk to the cops. Shawn Graham is missing. He’s Jack Lawler’s partner. He’s upstairs with a bunny, the other teacher. He was with her the night she died. They had a fight with Kendall. Crews has a talk with Shawn’s wife Diane, who is hot. He didn’t have girlfriends when they were together. He hit her only once. She has got an alibi. Diane was a badge bunny.

Heidi didn’t say anything to Reese. She’s seeing Shawn a little bit. Kendall wanted the whole thing with Shawn. She doesn’t have an alibi. Reese questions the badge bunnies playing softball.

Earley has only got one student left in his class. Olivia turns up at his class. Earley said that he called her 9 times and she didn’t call back.

Rachel is spending the night at her aunt’s. He calls the badge bunnies. He asks them how they can tell the good cops from the bad cops. Is Crews going to have a threesome? The bunnies disrobe and go skinny dipping in his pool. Before he can dive in, Earley drops by. Bobby is at the door. He came to pick up his sister, who’s a bunny.

Reese is at the shooting range. Tidwell comes by. They shoot their guns and kiss at the range. Their phones go of at the same time. The gun that shot Kendall has been reported. They have a warrant. There is a great moment when Crews notices that Tidwell and Reese arrived at the same time wearing each other’s guns. Reese notices the glitter on Crews’ face. That came from Cathy, Bobby’s sister.

Fluffy is Justin Tapp’s tiger. They find the gun. They arrest Tapp. The cops the bunnies screwed are there. They want to take Tapp in. The situation is diffused.

Earley walks into his class and finds it full. It’s because of Olivia. She just told the guys that he killed a man in jail. She whispers what she told the girls into his ear.

Crews is eating figs. It makes me want to eat some. They decide to run some tests on cops. Shawn isn’t available. Lawler implies that Crews isn’t a real cop. It turns out that Lawler is the one who was using, not Shawn. They don’t have anything on him though.

Crews wants to ask the bunnies. They ask them about drugs and Lawler. Diane spaces out. She changed her mind about Alex. Last year she was having trouble with Shawn, she had a talk with Alex. He took her to Stubbs. It’s around the corner from the crime scene.

They talk with the barkeep at Stubbs. He IDs Lawler and Kendall coming into the bar. They made a few trips to the bathroom. A drunk cop with a new for drugs and a gun, a recipe for disaster. The barkeep doesn’t make a good witness. They need better ones. They go see Alex and Shawn at their cop bar. Alex hasn’t got his off-duty piece. It’s an unregistered weapon that they found. They get their man.

Crews poses as Rayborn’s driver. He gets kidnapped after implying that Rayborn was connected to his frame job.

* * * * *

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