Life Evil and his Brother Ziggy S02E10 (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a police detective who was recently exonerated of a series of murders after having spent 12 years in jail for life. There was a conspiracy to send him to jail. Part of the reason that he as able to last as long in jail was to get back and to find out why he was setup. The setup involves the killing of the Seybolt family. Crews recently discovered Rachel Seybolt alive. She’s been living with him.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Charlie is having a talk with Rayborn at his place. He invites him to a charity event he’s hosting.

Reese is having sex with Tidwell. She’s got a great ass. She cuts Tidwell’s hair and hums in the car while driving with Crews. She denies that she’s happy. People usually hum when they are happy. They are entering sovereign American Indian tribal land. A murder was committed on a reservation. Deputy John Hawes was killed there. They see that a casino is about to be built there. He was a solo resident deputy here. The reservation has their own cops now. Hawes stayed. The Sheriff’s deputies and the Tribal cops have some conflict. They send the deputies away.

Captain Whitehat says that everyone wanted him dead. He wasn’t well liked. Thomas Shasta had an incident with Hawes last week. Thomas shows up with an overnight bag, thinking that he was going to stay in a cell. He’s got an alibi. Crews lets him go. They go to his “station”, which is a trailer and also his home.

A woman was bringing Hawes some food. They find some Tupperware filled with Native American Indian food. Crews starts eating it immediately. He left a message for Whitehat. He talked about guns and evil. Hawes didn’t want the casino being built. He was shot here and driven out there to be buried.

They see someone having a moment where Hawes was killed. It’s Thomas’ fiancée Anna, who quickly rides off on a horse when she sees them. She left flowers for the victim. They go back and find that their car is gone. Crews asks Reese when was the last time that she indulged herself. She smiles and looks away.

They visit a beehive to look for Anna. They question her. She doesn’t know what they fought about. Crews says that men fight about money and women. Anna was cleaning a rifle. It turns out that Anna has got the deputy’s gun. She says that she is going hunting.

Her father says that they moved back to the rez 20 years ago when his wife left them. Hawes saved her back then and brought her back. He says that Hawes was like a father to her. He gave her that rifle when Thomas got engaged to Anna.

Their taxi stops in the middle of the desert. He walks away and a few natives arrive in trucks. Thomas is there. Crews asks him about their stolen car. They leave. Crews still wants to live around here. Reese and crews will have to share a room in the hotel. At least they have separate beds. Reese takes a bath. Crews answers the phone and Tidwell starts talking about Reese’s purple panties. It rings again. Crews doesn’t answer and tells Reese that she needs to answer the phone. She comes up and hears that Tidwell was talking about her purple panties. She tells him that she will take both beds. Some young people drop Crews off at Hawes’ trailer.

He sees Hawes eating deer stew. He sees Anna there at the trailer. He asks her about evil and she mentions someone with pointy red shoes and a red convertible Mercedes.

Reese gets a call from Shasta. He found their car. He’ll have it brought to the hotel.

Eval Vadas was hired by the tribal council to set up the casino and hotel. Crews gets a call from Earley. Rachel didn’t come home. He calls her. She’s just had sex with some guy. She hangs up on him and says that he isn’t her uncle.

They go to Eval’s house and he’s waiting for them. He called the cops. His mother was worried about stalkers. He points out Captain Whitehat surveilling him. He says that she’s obsessed with him and wants to have his babies. Ziggy thinks that it’s a good idea to marry into the tribe.

Ziggy is a girl. She came up with the Vadas Brothers name. Once she learns that they aren’t the cops they called, she sends them away. Tidwell, Reese and Crews question Whitehat. Tidwell got the phone dumps of Hawes’ phone. Eval wanted to hire a gunsmith in Corona who was going to be hired to convert rifles to full auto on the rez.

Crews brings Whitehat home. Rachel arrives as well. Rachel says that he was gone. She tried to call him. He can’t come and go. Ted says that he’s in love with Olivia, the woman who’s going to marry Crews’ father.

They get the warrant for the Vadas place. They find crates filled with Enfield Civil War muskatoons. They were made in South Africa. He plans on putting together a re-enactment. He’s going to go to federal prison. Hawes was always bugging Eval. Eval tried to bribe him, but he didn’t want it.

Hawes’ financials are clean. He wrote a personal check a while ago. He sent away for birth records. He thought that Anna was his daughter. It turns out that Anna wasn’t Native American. Her father lied. Lakeland killed Hawes. He killed him for the money. Anna kept a bullet in her pockets, just like Hawes taught her. She loads the rifle and points it at her dad. Crews talks her down.

Reese is naked in front of Tidwell. She tells him that he was jealous that she was in the room with Crews. Tidwell calls her dude again and she leaves.

Crews is at the Rayborn charity event. Radiohead is playing. A man looks at Crews like he knows him. He wasn’t there, it was Hawes. Rayborn has got 6 months to live. He says that he’s got some things to do before he dies.

* * * * *

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