Life Re-Entry S02E13 (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a police detective who was recently exonerated of a series of murders after having spent 12 years in jail for life. There was a conspiracy to send him to jail. Part of the reason that he as able to last as long in jail was to get back and to find out why he was setup. The setup involves the killing of the Seybolt family. Crews recently discovered Rachel Seybolt alive. She’s been living with him.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Crews wakes up in the hospital. Reese tells him that they have nothing on the shooter. Eight weeks later, Crews gets the bullet that was found in him. He’s back on duty. William Ellis landed his plane on a street. He was shot. No gun was found on the scene. William Ellis was a shuttle pilot. He retired from NASA in 1993. He became rich. He was going back to space with the Russians. He paid them $35 million for this. Tidwell doesn’t believe that Crews doesn’t remember who shot him.

They question Ellis’ son Dean. Ellis was selling his company to go back into space for 2 weeks. Ellis was selling his company for $30 million. The rest would come from his savings. All of them. Dean has got an alibi. They were flying model planes. His father paid him minimum wage and made him take out the garbage. They surveil him. They spot him selling what they think are drugs. They bust in the door. All of the flight club are around a strange polygon shaped substance. All of the people who came for dope were driving race cars. Crews cuts out a piece of the blubber and sets it on fire. It’s some sort of solid state rocket fuel.

They question him some more. He was selling fuel in Palmola. He says that he didn’t kill his father. Dean says that his father changed his behaviour about a year ago. They ask Breem some more questions. Last year, Bill climbed K2. Something happened during the climb. They find a Buddhist morning flag on his ice axe. Evan Tucker climbed with him and came back down. Someone else must have died.

Tidwell calls Stark and Reese in. Tidwell wants to find out who shot Crews. They don’t really know what Crews is doing either. Why is Crews keeping the shooter’s identity to himself? Crews is smelting the bullet into another bullet. He plans to kill to shoot the person who shot him with the same bullet.

Ellis met Tucker during his stint on the adventure circuit. Each year, Ellis spent 6 months on it. Tucker has been on a family vacation. His daughter says that he’s on a corporate retreat. Tucker has been missing for a week. Tucker’s wife says that Tucker died. She comes in and says that Ellis killed him. He’s not the same man that went up the mountain. Tucker and Ellis were tethered together. Tucker fell over a ridge and was falling. Ellis cut the rope. He fell for hundreds of feet. He didn’t die. Since Tucker came back, he became very interested in sky diving. He’s been staying at the Paris Motel.

Earley is still in jail. The guy who’s been on Earley case calls him out. Earley has to fight him. Crews and Reese learn that Tucker was training to jump out of a plane. They find him trying to dupe them, but Crews and Reese are smarter than that.

Crews shoots FBI agent Bodner in the leg. He makes him call to get Earley out of jail. He sent his family away. Roman was threatening him. It wasn’t about money.

What William Ellis did is show me the face of God.

Tucker says that he made Ellis cut the rope. Ellis didn’t want to do it. He had to beg him. Tucker mentions the same phrase that Breem used. Mick Breem never actually went into space. Ellis left his company to Breem.

Tucker and Crews are starting to act loony. They pretend that they are sitting in Ellis’ plane. Tidwell is starting to talk like Crews as well. They want to figure out how Breem killed Ellis. Breem hired a pilot to train for the last two months to practice sky diving from a plane and killing Ellis. They arrest him.

Crews tells Reese that her father wasn’t responsible for putting him in jail. Crews picks up Earley.

* * * * *

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