Life Trapdoor S02E12 (NBC)

Life stars Damian Lewis as Charlie Crews, a police detective who was recently exonerated of a series of murders after having spent 12 years in jail for life. There was a conspiracy to send him to jail. Part of the reason that he as able to last as long in jail was to get back and to find out why he was setup. The setup involves the killing of the Seybolt family. Crews recently discovered Rachel Seybolt alive. She’s been living with him.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The next case involves an execution style killing of three men, two of them from the Russian mob. Reese says that she wants to take the lieutenant jacket. Crews thinks that it’s no coincidence that Rayborn mentioned an FBI agent who’s been bought by the Russians.

Earley is back in jail for parole violations. Crews bought Ted some protection so that he doesn’t get into too much trouble. The brothers Labarov are low-level Russian wiseguys. Someone might be missing the kid.

There was a missing person’s report filed last week. His name was Paul. A girl named Liza reported him missing. She doesn’t know his last name. His job was in construction.

What kind of construction could he do with hands as soft as his?

Liza was wearing a good luck charm. It’s the engineering prize from Moscow polytechnic. He lived in Moscow and worked at the university. He was here illegally. One dead engineer and two dead builders. Crews is at his home. Rachel sees someone. Crews storms in with his gun. He shoots his father. He was bringing an invitation or an RSVP. Crews sends Rachel to be with his dad.

Tidwell puts Crews on administrative leave, even though dad broke into the house. Crews tells Reese that they should question the Russian that they know. The last time they saw Roman, he threw a woman through a window. Roman will ask around for them.

The club they are at closed down for renovations. The barmaid doesn’t know what they changed. It looks exactly the same. Roman wants them to leave.

Rachel comes back and Crews has her leave. He gives her a ticket, a passport and cash. It’s getting pretty dangerous. Tidwell tells Reese that she should be careful around Roman. She finds a bottle of vodka in the freezer. She unscrews the cap.

Reese turns up at Crews’ place drunk. Reese has put together some facts that Crews was aware of. It’s about Rayborn and Roman.

Tidwell gives Crews his gun back. Crews just points out that Roman is a federal CI. Tidwell tells Reese that he wants her back in AA meetings. Reese says that she screws up when things go well. They are all putting on vests. Roman has got a universal remote that controls most of the club. Roman doesn’t look worried. He’s cleaning his shoe.

Special Agent Bodner shows up.

Earley wants seconds. His bodyguards make the idiot that bothered him give him his pie and bun. The more intimidating bodyguard is in jail for three life sentences. Crews taught him a few things.

Liza doesn’t know anything about Pavel. They used to go to a coffee shop to watch people. He wasn’t watching people, he was watching the new federal building which is being constructed. Tidwell calls the anti-terrorism task force and they send Bodner to deal with this task. Bodner wants them to stay away from Roman. Roman brought three guys into the country to build something.

Crews looks through Liza’s calculus books and finds some sketched diagrams. He sketched Roman’s club. The engineer had to die because he knew all of the secrets. He might have build a trapdoor to help himself out at a later date.

Liza and the cops are gone. Crews goes back to see Roman. Roman is showing off. He’s got a medal as well. Crews types in Liza’s name into Roman’s system. It activates a recording made by Pavel. He says that he built hidden vaults. They are filled with people. Liza and the two cops are there.

Crews’ dad is out of jail. Reese drank because she needed to know something. She needs him to tell her what he knows about her father. The doorbell rings again and Crews goes back to open it. It’s supposed to be Olivia. Crews is shot in the shoulder. He wakes up in solitary confinement in jail. He hears sirens and Dani’s voice.

* * * * *

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