The Beast S01E01 (A&E)

The Beast is Patrick Swayze’s new show about FBI undercover agents trying their best to stop criminals. Patrick Swayze plays Charles Barker a veteran FBI agent. He’s training a new rookie undercover agent Ellis Dove. Barker isn’t above bending the rules in order to get his targets.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

There is a four way Mexican standoff between four men. Charles Barker kills a guy and the other one takes the deal. Barker takes him outside. He was shooting blanks. Charles Barker is a veteran FBI agent. The other guy was also a fed. His friend is a rookie agent named Ellis Dove.

Barker meets a contact named Conrad, who hands him a package. It’s his new case. Ellis meets Rose, his upstairs neighbour. She’s hot. He gets a date. Barker is in his apartment. He wants him to deliver an envelope. They go out to the FBI field office. Barker wants an RPG. They don’t use the proper channels in order to get it. Dove will have to bring it back. They need the launch cards to make the RPG operational, otherwise it’s just a dud.

Barker and Dove question Charlie, a girl who gave a deposition on Coolie, and armsdealer. Barker pulls a gun on her when she doesn’t talk. They find out who has the launch cards. He tells her to tell her friend that she’s found a buyer. Barker has a habit of leaving Dove in the middle of nowhere without any transport.

Barker visits Lauren. A man approached her kids. He threatened them. Dove is going over his cover. He delivers the envelope. Apparently, Barker handpicked Dove. He’s given a packet filled with money. Barker phones him and tells him to get the launch cards. Charles gives John, Lauren’s husband, a bag filled with money and a gun. He tells him to do the right thing. He shoots himself later in his car.

The guy who’s got the launch cards is high on crack. He plays Russian roulette. Dove isn’t happy about this and pulls his piece after a while. Dove makes it in time for his date with Rose. He keeps getting calls on his cell phone. Barker sends him an SMS. She agrees to go for another drink tomorrow. Barker picks him up.

Barker and Dove work undercover. It’s a hard gig. They get ready to meet Caesar. They have brought him the RPG. Caesar doesn’t want it. Barker takes the RPG and activates it. He uses it to blow up his SUV. Caesar is interested. Barker calls in tactical support for the sale later on. Nicolai and Coolie are there. Barker makes the sale. Nicolai wants a dozen. The feds swoop in to make the arrest. Nicolai tries to do a runner and Dove goes after him. Barker shoots Nicolai in the leg.

Someone is watching Ellis and Dove. When Dove goes to take the train, they approach him. It’s Caesar and his goons. They are feds. They tell him that they are investigating Barker. Dove doesn’t bite. He tells him that he’s Barker’s partner.

Dove checks if Barker handed in the money from Nicolai. He sees that Barker stole the blade drive, an HD from the DOD that contains the names of most of the undercover agents of the US in the world.

Barker visits Lauren. He wants the files. The files that John told her to destroy. Dove doesn’t meet Rose again for drinks.

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