The Mentalist Ladies in Red S01E04 (CBS)

The Mentalist tells the story of Patrick Jane played by Simon Baker, a man specializing in studying the micro-expressions of people who became involved with trying to catch a serial killer named Red John. Red John killed his wife and daughter. Since then, Jane has been working with the stupidly named CBI, California Bureau of Investigations, a kind of state police.

Robin Tunney plays Agent Lisbon, who is in charge of the unit. Van Pelt is the new agent on the squad. Rigsby has a crush on her. The Mentalist is kind of like the TNT show Psych, but it’s not a comedy, it’s a drama. I’ve enjoyed this series because it’s light and interesting. I’ve kind of come to despise Criminal Minds.

Jane uses his semi-celebrity and his lack of protocol to solve cases quickly, cases in which the CBI wouldn’t be able to come up with answers without him. Each episode has the color red in its title. The Mentalist resembles the show Lie to Me, which premiered in 2009 on Fox. The Mentalist started on the 23rd of September 2008 on CBS.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The team arrives at the Jason Sands residence. He’s been missing. His wife found the office ransacked. Jane says that he is still here. He says that Sands was tortured to reveal a passcode to a panic room. Jane is able to open the room. They find Sands dead inside.

He was tortured with pliers and cigarettes. He died from blood loss in the panic room. Michael Claymore Bennett is the family’s lawyer. Jane senses something about him. The widow is afraid of him or he reassures him. Jane asks Rigsby why he hasn’t told Van Pelt about his feelings for her. Jane tells him that it’s all about love and affection. Jane says that he can seduce any woman at the funeral. Rigsby says that he should try and seduce the widow. He makes his move to reassure the widow.

The lawyer made an official complaint about Jane to the AG. There is some fallback. The widow requests that Jane apologizes in person at her house. The young daughter shows Jane her trolls. The widow arrives. Bennett told her the truth about her husband. His investments went belly-up and all that she’s got left is debts. They will have to sell the mansion. The bailiffs arrive to seize some assets. Jane buys the widow some time.

10 weeks ago, he had $10 million in his accounts. Lisbon meets with Bennett. Bennett thinks that Sands withdrew the money to run away. The money came from a shell company of Sands named Happy Landings Entertainment. It’s in Sausalito. They find a yacht named Princess. The place is trashed. They hear someone inside. There is some young woman there. She says that she’s Jason Sands’ fiancée.

She’s a gorgeous grieving widow, what else do you expect?

Her name is Adrianna. Jason bought $10 million in diamonds. She was looking for them. She knows who killed him. She says that some pigs who run nightclubs. He launders their money. They live in Oakland. Sands took their money. Dieter Webb and Carter Lewis are the guys. They own clubs, restaurants and boutique hotels.

Jane wants to know why Adrianna wanted to leave with Julie, Sands’ daughter. Jane tells Jennifer about the mistress. She knew something was going on.

Rigsby and Van Pelt arrest Webb and Lewis. Webb says that Adrianna was involved. She used to work for them. They both say that they are mercenaries. Jennifer calls and tells Jane that Julie is gone. Adrianna kidnapped her. She was forced to.

They find the location. They send Adrianna. It was Bennett. He killed Sands for $10 million in diamonds. He gets shot.

There is a confrontation between Adrianna and Jennifer. They are both surprised to learn that Bennett will pull through. A few moments later, they are both gone. Adrianna is with Julie. Jennifer runs home. Cho and Van Pelt asked them if they knew Wendy. Wendy is one of Julie’s trolls. Jane was already waiting for her.

He knew that Jennifer didn’t go to the play, which was her alibi. She was home torturing her husband with Bennett to find the money. The diamonds are hidden in the chandelier in Julie’s room.

* * * * *

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