Survivor Tocantins S18E01 (CBS)

Survivor is taking place in some high plateaus in Brazil. It’s pretty isolated. The tribes have already been created. They haven’t been allowed to speak. Sierra from Timbira has been sick. Already, the survivors have preconceptions about their tribemates. The survivors are given 60 seconds to unload everything they can from the truck.

Coach from Timbira noticed that they got all of the water and the food. They are given a map to their camps. It’s a four hour trek. They are told that they are going to have their first vote. One person from each tribe will be evicted. Jalapao evicts Sandy, the older lady.

Timbira evicts Sierra. Sierra admits to being sick. The good news is that they will fly to camp in a helicopter. The others will trek there. Sandy thanks God. Jeff tells her that she shouldn’t be this happy. They are missing out on socializing. That could mean that they would be the first evicted.

Spencer is a 19 year old student. He thinks he’s the youngest contestant of Survivor. JT is a cattle rancher. JT has to help out with the compass.

Timbira is lugging a lot more stuff. Erinn is a hairstylist. Jerry just got back from Afghanistan from a 12-month tour. Coach takes the natural lead. He’s a soccer coach and he’s the head of an orchestra of some sort. It sounds like a bunch of BS. He confides to Brendan about wanting to change the game. Coach is already getting on people’s nerves.

Old Sandy has a little cry and starts exploring. They get a letter. Sandy has to choose to either look for the hidden immunity idol or setup camp. She gets a clue and decides to look for the idol.

Sierra is a model. She gets the same message. Sierra decides to setup camp. She makes the right decision. The best decision would have been to start setting up camp and looking for the idol later. Sandy’s tribe arrives. Carolina is pissed at Sandy for doing nothing. Sandy thinks that she is already in the doghouse. Her only way is to get the idol. She’s one stupid old bat.

The Timbira tribe arrives late at night. Sierra is still working at camp. She’s put together a shelter. Everyone is impressed with her. Coach still thinks that she has got to go.

At Jalapao, the women don’t want to work. They want to relax. Sandy goes off on her own to look for the idol. She finds the next clue. She’s so dumb that she can’t figure out what a pace is. Her tribe is finding her antisocial.

At Timbira, they’ve already run out of water. Tyson is a professional cyclist and goes into the water naked. They fill up the canteen. The girls find it funny.

For the first challenge, they will have to get some puzzle planks. They will have to be released and assembled to make a staircase. Then they will have to navigate a peg maze to raise the flag. They are playing for fire and immunity. Both tribes arrive at the raft at the same time. Carolina has trouble to stay up. Tyson pulls his weight for Timbira. Everyone needs to cross the line. Carolina and Sydney are struggling. Sierra’s ass is showing. Jalapao is ahead. They start navigating the peg maze. Timbira is working well together. They have caught up to Jalapao. They win! Timbira wins immunity.

At Jalapao, everyone thinks that Sandy is going to go. Carolina thinks that they should finish what they start. Taj doesn’t want to hear it. The boys don’t think it’s as clear cut as they thought before. Carolina has been bitching and she’s on the chopping block as well. They haven’t made up their mind. Sandy decides to look for the idol some more before tribal.

At tribal, they were disappointed that Sandy didn’t do anything. Sandy didn’t do much at camp the next few days as well. The tribe evicts Carolina for being a bossy bitch. They get some fire and head home.

* * * * *

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