Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Earthlings Welcome Here S02E13 (Fox)

The Sarah Connor character was made popular in the Terminator series of movies, with the second one being the most memorable by far. James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton made this a great movie to watch when I was a teenager back in 1991. This was also the first time that we saw the T-1000, made out of liquid metal. It was the first movie to successfully combine CGI with real characters in a movie.

I wasn’t surprised that this series was renewed. There is something about Terminators that is tantalizing. The story is getting better. Cromartie is alive and well and using Ellison to find Sarah. Cameron’s reverted to her termination protocols. She tries to kill John and Sarah. I liked how this episode ended. I loved seeing another T-1000. Actually, it’s been revealed that she’s a T-1001.

Sarah is driving. She’s going to the Desert UFO conference. She’s trying to find the marks in her dreams and on her wall. She sees a presentation from a man talking about the three dots. Some scientist named Abraham was working on a future composite metal that was almost indestructible. He’s been missing for six months. A woman approaches her after she made her interest known. She gives John an update. She heads to her trailer. It’s filled with photos of the three dots. Abraham is a pseudonym for Alan Park, who’s got a Master’s from MIT in LIDAR, light detection and ranging. It’s like radar but it uses light. It’s primary use is in robotics.

They go to a diner where Abraham was last spotted. Sarah sees herself and hears a glass breaking. The woman says that she is Abraham. He was approached by a company to use his expertise with lidars. He never knew what he was working on. He has a piece of the metal he was working on. He takes her there. He finds it missing. There is someone with a submachine gun on a motorcycle waiting for them. He takes a few potshots at them. Sarah leaves Mark with the doctor from the UFO conference. She drops a bug in his bag. Sarah is outside. She sees a cop car come around. Someone walks in a shoots Mark and the doctor. Sarah is trying to find a way to the place where Mark works. Sarah waits on the bench. Thanks to the recording of Mark’s session, Sarah tries to retrace his steps. She finds it. She takes some explosives and guns. She goes inside and wants to find the metal. He says that he’s an air con guy, but he takes out a gun and shoots Sarah in the thigh. Sarah gets the better of him and shoots him with his own gun. She sees herself from the different time periods of her life. She manages to crawl outside. She sees the dots in the sky. It’s some kind of pre-terminator flying device. She falls unconscious.

He’s painting a room in his house with Riley, who’s acting strangely. She’s smiling with her mouth but not her eyes. Cameron is watching here. She suspects something, but nothing tangible. Riley is full of questions. John sees that Riley has a bruise on her face. Riley talks with Jesse again. She wants to know why she was picked. They are watching John. Jesse sends Riley out on her mission once again. It turns out that Riley was trying to cover the bruise with make-up. Cameron saw her and asks her about it. Cameron always wants to see her star tattoo again. Cameron wants to talk with John.

Cameron comes to see Jesse in her hideout. She says that she was thrown out from her foster home. Jesse slaps her out of her illusions. She says that Riley is here to keep John away from Cameron. Cameron tells John that Riley is lying. Cameron says that she can find out the truth. John tells her to stay away from her. They find Riley in the bathroom with her veins cut open.

In the future, Jesse talks with a survivor. It’s Riley. She transports her to the past, to our present.

Ellison refuses to train John Henry. Weaver gives Ellison the remote to Henry. Weaver wants Ellison to teach Henry right from wrong. Ellison is playing chess with Henry.

* * * * *

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