Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Good Wound S02E14 (Fox)

Red Isabelle

The Sarah Connor character was made popular in the Terminator series of movies, with the second one being the most memorable by far. James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton made this a great movie to watch when I was a teenager back in 1991. This was also the first time that we saw the T-1000, made out of liquid metal. It was the first movie to successfully combine CGI with real characters in a movie.

Most of this episode is about Sarah hallucinating Reese, John’s father. Meanwhile Derek tries to clean up after her and Sarah manages to help a doctor. John is busy with Riley, who gets picked up by Jesse. Riley tries to explain that she pretended to commit suicide to win John’s favor. Mrs. Weaver is busy cleaning up after the mess that John Henry discovered for her. Coltane is a metal that’s used in terminators. She has secured almost 7% of the world’s supply she can’t let this fact be known.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Sarah is being treated for her gunshot wound. She hears a deputy on the outside of her room. In her head, she can hear someone urging her to get to her feet. Someone tells her “to come with me if you want to live”. It’s a young man. It’s John’s father. They take out the guard and leave. He is just in her head. He tells her to call him.

Derek goes to see John at the hospital. Riley tried to kill herself. Sarah phones Derek. She tells him about the metal in the warehouse they were trying to extract. She wants him to get rid of the evidence linking her to the warehouse. Sarah gets some treatment from a doctor that she abducts. John’s father tells Sarah to open up to the doctor. The doctor is a doctor for a reason.

The deputies find that the doctor is missing and post an APB on Sarah. The doctor says that he can’t get the bullet out. It’s next to her femoral artery.

Ellison is talking with John Henry. He knows all about what Cromartie did to make his body whole again. He talks it over with Mrs. Weaver. Later, Henry tells Weaver that she isn’t human. She is also made out of metal. She tells him not to tell anyone. Mrs. Weaver is told by Henry that she is taking over a lot of the world’s Coltane supply. Some of her workers broadcasted this over an open frequency. Mrs. Weaver has to go clean up this mess. She kills all of the workers the warehouse and deletes the data from the computers. She blows it up. Her gleaming metal figure is engulfed in flames as she exits the conflagration.

Jesse comes to get Riley. Sarah sneaks into the hospital to get treatment. She calls Derek. The doctor needs to put Sarah under in order to operate.

Derek is cleaning up after Sarah. He finds her. Felicia grabs the gun. The deputy arrives as well. He threatens Felicia and she shoots him. They make their way to the warehouse and see the fires in the distance from Mrs. Weavers’ work.

* * * * *

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