Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles Self Made Man S02E11 (Fox)

The Sarah Connor character was made popular in the Terminator series of movies, with the second one being the most memorable by far. James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton made this a great movie to watch when I was a teenager back in 1991. This was also the first time that we saw the T-1000, made out of liquid metal. It was the first movie to successfully combine CGI with real characters in a movie.

I wasn’t surprised that this series was renewed. There is something about Terminators that is tantalizing. The story is getting better. Cromartie is alive and well and using Ellison to find Sarah. Cameron’s reverted to her termination protocols. She tries to kill John and Sarah. I liked how this episode ended. I loved seeing another T-1000. Actually, it’s been revealed that she’s a T-1001.

Sarah has John check up on the three dot motif that she’s been seeing in her dream. She’s obsessing about it. Cameron gets to do the laundry since she never sleeps.

Cameron goes to see a friend in a wheelchair. He works at a library. She’s been reading Othello. The beginning of the show, there was scene from a bar in the 20s and a fire that started there. She’s found a T-888 from the 1920s in a photo. There was a fire in a speakeasy during the prohibition. There were rumours that someone threw a Molotov cocktail to start the fire.

The T-888 was just looking up to the sky when all of the commotion was going on. Riley phones John in the middle of the night. She wants to get a lift. She called him all upset. He arrives and she’s having fun. John is visibly annoyed and upset at her.

Cameron finds another picture of the T-888. Myron Stark was his name and he met Valentino. He was looking at Rupert Chandler. She goes to the hall of records and the archives to pursue her lead. The trouble is that the door is locked and she breaks in. Her friend isn’t happy. She did exactly the opposite of what he told her to. She apologizes later.

She didn’t find anything. Her friend surmises that he’s either a recent immigrant or a bank robber. Cameron investigates the police records. From the recordings, it looks like he got shot 30 times and still walked away. He had a lot of money and bought land. He built houses.

Chandler was the king of the San Fernando Valley. Stark challenged him. Jeffers, Chandler’s right hand man, went missing and was never found again in 1925.

I wonder why Riley has brought him there. She brought him to the party to stress him. She makes him play shooters and makes him protect her. John has to beat a guy up for them to leave. She’s pushing him so that he reveals why he is here.

Jeffers’ body was found not too long ago. They are watching news footage. He was killed by Stark. Chandler endured a string of tragedies. His son died on New Year’s Eve 1920. Will Chandler died in the speakeasy fire.

I was wondering when this show would show terminators traveling to other points in time to make sure that Skynet happens.

It turns out that Riley stole the lighter from that guy that John beat up. That’s why he was in her face. They kiss.

Cameron found Will Chandler’s obituary. 400 people came.

A witness from the 20s describes a terminator arrive at the speakeasy. That’s why it caught fire. He arrived from the future. He was looking up at the sky to calculate the exact day and date. There was an error. He went to the wrong time. Will Chandler wanted to build the Pico Tower. It turns out that the Pico Tower was actually built. Stark bought the land and built the building. He had to build the building for a reason. His arrival killed Chandler and he had to make it right. She goes to the Pico Tower. She knows that Mark Wyman will get assassinated there. She actually finds Stark. She destroys it.

Cameron comes back and points out to her friend that he his cancer is back. The next night, Eric is gone. Cameron uses the donuts to get into the library.

* * * * *

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