The Amazing Race Don’t Let a Cheese Hit Me S14E01 (CBS)

Christie/Jodi are friends and flight attendants. They are blondes. Tammy/Victor are siblings and lawyers. Margie/Luke are mother and son. He’s deaf. Steve/Linda are a married couple from Virginia. They are hillbillies. Kisha/Jen are sisters and former college athletes. Preston/Jen are a dating couple from California. Brad/Victoria are an older married couple. Mel/Mike are father and son from Virginia. He’s gay and his son is gay as well. They are both writers. Amanda/Kris are dating and from San Diego. Mark/Mike are brothers and micro stuntmen. Jaime/Cara are friends and former NFL cheerleaders. The teams have been brought together to an army base by helicopters.

Phil gives them the lowdown and the first clue. They are going to Locarno, Switzerland.

It’s on like Donkey Kong!

The teams have to choose between two flights. The Lufthansa departs first and goes to Zurich. Tamm/Victor, Christie/Jodi, Jaime/Cara, Mark/Mike, Brad/Victoria and Margie/Luke are on the same flight to Zürich. The Air France flight carries Kisha/Jen, Mel/Mike, Amanda/Kris, Preston/Jen and Steve/Linda.

We are very nervous to leave the US.

Preston/Jen miss the train to Locarno. A lady tells the flight attendants that there is a faster way to Locarno. Teams must now race to the Church of San Antonio. They arrive first. They sign in for the 7:15AM departure. The other teams arrive later. The teams from the Lufthansa flight arrive first. Mel/Mike from the Air France flight arrive first.

The teams are camping. Steve is already on Linda’s case for being slow. He bitches at heart the campsite. She’s crying and not looking pretty. The next day, the teams must make their way to the Verzasca Dam. Some of the teams like the blondes and the cheerleaders have trouble getting a cab.

One team member must perform a 70-storey bungee jump. Tammy/Victor go first. It’s 7:45AM and Jaime/Cara still don’t have a cab. They must take a train to Kleine Rugen Wiese. Mark/Mike are next. Luke is next. Christie/Jodi try to psyche themselves up. Victoria goes next. Christie goes next. Or Jodi, I can’t tell them apart yet. It’s Jodi. The flight attendants are older. They are in their thirties. They are wearing a lot of make-up. Kris jumps off. Preston and Jen follow. Steve goes ahead.

The blondes get on the longer train. Teams must now choose a cheese rack and climb to the top of a hill and transport 200lbs of cheese down. Mel had trouble going up the hill. Some of the teams decide to take two cheeses. Margie’s thing breaks and it falls down the hill. Victor’s breaks as well. Luke kind of runs and falls down the hill. It’s pretty funny. The cheese speeds down the slope. Mel slides down the hill. Tammy falls down an can’t gt up. The locals are finding this pretty funny. Another cheese falls down. Luke/Margie will finish 1st. Mike waits for his dad to finish his first run.

Teams must now race to the pit stop. Tammy/Victor finish 2nd. Mark/Mike finish 3rd. The other batch of teams arrive. Mel/Mike finish 4th. Linda can’t even get up the hill. Jen has trouble as well. The blondes are still on the train.

Steve rigs together something to carry down the cheese. Margie/Luke finish 1st. Phil signs this to them. That’s awesome. They win a trip for 2 to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. Tammy/Victor finish 2nd. Mark/Mike finish 3rd.

Most of the teams fall down. Steve takes three cheeses down in a sort of sled. The blondes see this and think that they can do this too. A lot of teams fall on their bums. Amanda/Kris finish 5th. Steve/Linda finish 6th. That was pretty cool.

Mel/Mike finish 4th. Brad/Victoria finish the task 7th. Jaime/Cara are 8th. Kisha/Jen are 9th. Amanda/Kris finish 5th. Preston/Jen finish 10th. Christie/Jodi finish last.

Brad/Victoria finish 6th. Steve/Linda are lost because of Steve’s ineptitude. Jaime/Cara finish 7th. Kisha/Jen finish 8th. The blondes beat out Preston/Jen. They finish 10th. Preston/Jen are eliminated.

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