37 Hours

Stayed awake for 37 hours because of an exam I had on Monday. After the exam, I had four hours of classes, I taught for 2 hours and went home to write another article that was due for 8:30PM. I managed to go to bed earlier than usual, but not early enough to get to my morning class.

I got up at 7AM and started working on another article that I had to write before leaving for school. This took a few minutes longer than expected. I was running late because I had to make my lunch. I was about to step into the shower at 8AM before realizing that I would be seriously late for my class. I decided to skip it and go back to bed. I was working at 11AM, so the extra hours would be appreciated.

It’s 2:30PM, I’ve finished my articles for today. Some students canceled their classes so I have an hour at home before heading out to my last class that I’m teaching of the day. It’s not too far and the class is fun, so it will pass quickly.

Today I decided to no longer teach the French class that I give. There is one student and he doesn’t like the curriculum. So that’s swell for me because it gets me out of teaching two nights. That means that I wouldn’t have 12 hour work/school days on Monday and Tuesday. I’d be home earlier and I wouldn’t be too bushed to study on those nights.

I’m also trying to get out of another class, which is kind of out in the boondocks. It took me 1:15 to get to the class last week. Granted, it was because of the snow storm, but still. It ruins my afternoon. Ruins it because I waste almost three hours in transit to teach for an hour and half. I’ve told my boss and she’s finding another teacher.

-I’ve been awake for 36 hours, ever since Sunday morning.
-How are you still alive?
Conversation between my roommate and I

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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