Survivor Tocantins The Poison Apple Needs to Go S18E02 (CBS)

Carolina’s bossiness got her evicted. Once back at camp, the Jalapaos try to start a fire. The tribe wants to get rid of Sandy next. The next day, they decide to eat termites. They eat the guts of a big worm-like insect which they found in the termite mound. Sydney doesn’t eat the termites. Steven looked like he was about to vomit.

At Timbira, the tribe can’t manage to light a fire for breakfast. Sierra decides to tell Brendan to help her it. She finds the next clue. They start digging around. They tell blondie that they are digging a fire pit. Sierra was pretty smart. She came up with the idea.

The chick with the big tits wants to eat food. Coach is being an ass. He starts an argument with big tits. Big Tits is Candace, an attorney. Coach makes up with her later. He creepily strokes her hands and licks her face.

At Jalapao, Eddie George’s wife tells her tribemembers that she is married to Eddie George, some famous retired football player. JT thinks that she’s got more money that Eddie George’s wife and needs the million bucks a lot more than her.

It’s time for the next challenge. It starts to rain. They will race in the water to grab some balls and try to put them in the opposing tribe’s nets. The other tribe will try to stop them by any means necessary. Fishing gear is up for grabs. In addition, the winning tribe will send a member from the losing tribe to Exile Island. This includes a twist. Debbie decides to sit out.

Taj, Steven and Sydney are against Sierra, Candace and Tyson. Big Tits is pretty aggressive and loses part of her bikini. She intercepts and scores the first goal. JT, Joe and Sandy versus Erin, Brendan and Tyson. Erin loses her bikini. Sandy is holding onto Erin’s top and keeps her on the other side of the court. Timbira leads two to nothing. Candace, Sierra and Erin are going to go against Sandy, Sydney and Taj. A lot of boobs are showing. Taj looks like she’s having fun. She throws Candace off and misses. Candace has it and misses. Sydney puts it in. JT, Joe and Spencer versus Coach, Brendan and Jerry. Timbira leads 2-1. JT scores for Jalapao. Coach was lagging behind like a pussy.

Steven, Sydney, Taj are going to go against Candace, Tyson and Sierra. A few shots go wild. Steven breaks free and scores for Jalapao. They win immunity and reward. They send Brendan to Exile. He gets to choose one member from the winning tribe to join him. He takes Taj. They will return for the next tribal council.

Tyson thinks that Sierra is on the chopping block. Jalapao wants to go fishing. JT teaches the other tribe members on how to fish. Steven is smitten with him. They get along well. They don’t get any fish.

Taj and Brendan arrive at Exile Island. They must each choose an urn. Brendan has a message in his. He gets a clue to the hidden immunity idol. It mentions the tribal homelands. At the end of his stay, he can decide to stay with his tribe or switch tribes. He doesn’t want to go to Jalapao. Taj pesters him. She wants to see the clue. He doesn’t relent initially, but he lets her read it later. Taj immediately says that the idol must be back at camp. There must be two immunity idols back at camp.

At Timbira, they are surprised that they lost. Big Tits is worried. She tells the other tribemembers that Coach is a slacker. He isn’t excelling physically. He’s just all talk. Debbie tells Coach that Candace is trash talking about him. He wants to get rid of her instead. Brendan comes back to camp. He says that Taj had the clue and is on the outs with her tribe.

Candace and Erin talk. They want Coach gone. Candace says that they should wait for him to dig his own hole. The tribe decides to get rid of Sierra. Coach is playing them. He wants to get rid of Candace with a backstab. Tyson and Jerry talk. They think that Sierra is too small. She was trying hard, but she wasn’t physically suited for that task. They need to get rid of Sierra. Coach tells Sierra that he is getting rid of Candace. Big Tits is a strikingly beautiful lady, her tits notwithstanding. She looks really good without any makeup.

It’s time for tribal. They talk of trust. Jerry thinks he has bonded with the tribe. Erin doubts that they can believe anyone really. By a vote of 5-1, Bit Tits Candace is voted out.

* * * * *

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