Tuner Time: “The I’m not a Clock But I Look Like One” Radio

022409_rg_tunertime_01.jpgWhen was the last time you bought a radio? I can’t remember. Actually I can. It must have been 20 years ago, when I was a kid. My parents bought my sister and I some portable Sony radios. They were tiny, about the size of an iPod Nano. I was suitably impressed at the time. Plus they came in fluorescent colors, and back then, fluos rocked! I’ve been a fan of Antrepo’s designs for a while. They always come up with interesting designs, usually centering around clocks and time. This time around, they worked their magic on something that’s usually set aside. Radios. As you might have noticed, this isn’t a clock. It’s actually a stunningly designed radio.

022409_rg_tunertime_02.jpgAntrepo’s Tuner Time is a stereo FM radio that’s part of their “I’m not” series. From their other designs, it seems like they examine common electronic items, and design new ones that look like other ones, but have different functions. They had clocks that looked like radios. Now, it was time for a radio that looks like a clock.

The elegant looking design allows for contrasting colors. The red and black is well suited for a lot of different spaces. The radio has a wheel for choosing frequency, and another one for volume. Both wheels are locked into place around the same center. It also comes with a remote control. I really like how Antrepo is re-interpreting the function of certain objects’ form, which we are used to. The simplicity is also intriguing. Gadgets aside, I think that simple and well designed objects are beautiful, which is why I think that this one will work well. [via MoCoLoco, photos by Antrepo]

The Minu Timer, Successor to the Time Tuner
Antrepo’s Time Tuner

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