Redheads Dying Out?

My wife is a redhead. I’ve had redheads involved in most of my adult life, from previous girlfriends to my wife. It would be really sad to see them go. It’s been surmised thate redheads will disappear in a century as there isn’t any survival advantage in being ginger.  Jenny Wicks has put together a series of photos that she calls Root Ginger which showcases this elusive breed. (via DesignYouTrust)

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5 thoughts on “Redheads Dying Out?”

  1. David Bowie is a natural redhead. David Bowie’s son is a natural redhead. David Bowie’s daughter is a natural redhead and she is half black. David Bowie’s daughter has beautiful blue eyes. Redheads will not dye out. Even Russians have naturally red hair.

  2. The Redheads will be the main survivors and leading race in the coming Kingdom, the “Dominion of Man”

    The Redheads are the ONLY descendants of the Adamite race. ‘Adam’ was not the name of a Man but the characterization of a race. The Chaldean word ‘Adam’ and the Adamite-Ionian word ‘Phoenix’ are synonyms and mean ‘Red’ or ‘Auburn-Red’. The Adamites and the Phoenicians are the same people. How they dispersed and now appear in Central Asia or NW China, in Russia and the Finno-Baltic states, in far North-western Europe and, consequently, in America, is explained in a few articles, free downloads from the Website quoted below.

    In Genesis, Hermes deceitfully made it appear that ALL races are descendants of Adam, in order to cover up the extensive and systematic GENOCIDE of the Adamite race.

    # 14. “Synoptic History of Mankind”
    #15. “Reappraisal of Thoth-Hermes”
    from Jesus’ Site, ‘The Divine Word’, at

    Jesus D Zeus

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