Maths Are Like Science

Les maths, c’est comme les sciences. On cherche à avoir le moins d’emmerdements possibles.
Maths are like science. You want to have the least amount of trouble.
Dr Roger Pierre during an Differential Equations lecture, Today @ 15:47

This quote is really funny, because in French, the word emmerdement has its roots in merde, which means shit. There is no real translation for this word, to conserve the root.

We were seeing Laplace transforms to solve differential equations of the second order. It’s quite an elegant way to solving them. Dr Pierre meant that instead of looking for a general and particular solution to create the solution of the differential equation, the problem became a different one, where we used a decomposition into partial fractions instead.

Other good quotes from this lecture include the following:

La loi de conservation des emmerdements
The law of the conservation of trouble

La science, c’est l’art de minimiser les emmerdements.
Science is the art of minimizing trouble

There is no free lunch.

Apple Patents Tablet-like Device

020309_rg_appletablet_01.jpgOne of the biggest rumors that’s been floating around this year is the possibility that Apple would release a form of tablet PC. Since the device wasn’t announced at MacWorld, it seemed like they were a no-go for this year. However, it looks like Apple has patented their new device just the same, leaving it open to the possibility of being produced sometime this year.

Greener Ideas: Recompute The Green Computer

020309_rg_recompute_01.jpgI can’t count the amount of computer related junk that I’ve had to throw out over the years. From old 486s to HDs that were just no longer useful. Now multiply this by a planet and you’ll see that we create a lot of junk from our technology. If we would use a form of sustainable technology instead, things would be a lot greener. That’s why we found this concept so interesting. It would turn your computer into some green.

Is Toshiba’s New Phone an Iphone Killer?

020409_rg_toshibacellphone_01.jpgClearly, the iPhone is the phone to beat. It has been so ever since it came out. Unless you’re a Crackberry addict, the iPhone is the phone to get. With rumors floating around that another version of the popular touchscreen phone will be released in June, other manufacturers are scrambling to come up withe new competitors for the iPhone. I haven’t seen a viable competitor yet, but maybe the new Toshiba phone will be a contender. Read on to find out more.

Differential Equations Book

I don’t really care if I spend $90 on that book, I don’t pay for my books, my family does.
D. a second year mathematics student

He said this after I told him that I paid $40 for my book on Amazon. Another guy paid $2 for the same book, but it was an older edition.

Darren Atkinson, Dumpster Diver

Cory Doctorow interviews Darren Atkinson a professional dumpster diver. (via kottke)

Elton John’s Sparkly iPod Nanos

020209_rg_sparklyipodnano_01.jpgEveryone has got an iPod. You mom, your grandma and your little sister most probably. The thing is that they all look alike. There has been a trend of trying to make your iPod looks unique and distinctive amongst us, to go beyond form and function. That’s why I thought that these new Stardust iPod Nanos will work, although I don’t know about the fact that they are a limited edition.

The Very Iconic Speech Bubble Speakers

020209_rg_speechbubble_01.jpgI’ve seen these floating around last week and was pretty interested by the design and the way that they look in general. They are perfect for our new modern world, filled with computer icons. It’s been mentioned that this speaker looks like something made by Art Lebedev, and I have to agree. Some of their designs look a lot like this one. Needless to say, that you won’t be spending $1,600 on this, that’s the price of Art Lebedev’s Optimus keyboard!


Jessica’s Arty Giveaway

Jessica is having another giveaway. Her art is hard to describe, but luminous and extraordinary. I’ve known Jess since 2006 when we met commenting on the same blogs, ie Chartreuse. If you like her art, visit her etsy shop and buy a few prints!