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SheevaPlug: The Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Computer

022509_rg_sheevaplugcomputer_01.jpgComputers are rapidly diminishing in size, but if you would have shown me this computer, I would have assumed that it’s a power adapter. I would have been wrong, because it’s a tiny computer masquerading as a power plug. There have been other small Linux computers out there, but the fact that it’s available for $99 right now is also a marvel. That’s good, because Marvell, the company who makes this thing, will soon announce a $50 price drop.

Redheads Dying Out?

My wife is a redhead. I’ve had redheads involved in most of my adult life, from previous girlfriends to my wife. It would be really sad to see them go. It’s been surmised thate redheads will disappear in a century as there isn’t any survival advantage in being ginger.  Jenny Wicks has put together a series of photos that she calls Root Ginger which showcases this elusive breed. (via DesignYouTrust)


He tastes as nasty as he looks.
Bear Grylls right after having eaten a scorpion

T3’s 01 Phone: Perfect or Just Another Smartphone?

022409_rg_t3ohonephone_01.jpgSmartphones are a dime a dozen. Unless you have an iPhone or a Crackberry, you are still looking for that oh so elusive perfect phone. There are always things that you’d like your perfect phone to do that your present phone doesn’t do. You either love them or hate them or are still stuck in-between. I’ve had cell phones for a long time, but never really got into the smart phone thing. I wanted to, but there’s always something that was lacking. Netbooks aren’t any better.

The Amazing Race Your Target is Your Partners Face S14E02 (CBS)

The teams start off from Steckelberg, Switzerland. Margie/Luke leave at 3AM for Münich, Germany. They will drive themselves to Ruhpolding and ride a calbe car to the top of the mountain to retrieve their next clue. Tammy/Victor leave a few minutes later. They smartly use a cell phone. Mark/Michael leave minutes later. Mel injured his groin during the last leg. Within an hour, all of the teams have left. In the last 15 minutes, four teams leave. Steve feels sorry for the way he treated Linda. Jaime/Cara use a cell phone as well. Amanda/Kris and Mel/Mike do this as well. The first flight leaves at 7:10AM. The next one is at 8:45AM. The last one leaves at 10AM. Mark/Michael decide to relax.

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Survivor Tocantins The Poison Apple Needs to Go S18E02 (CBS)

Carolina’s bossiness got her evicted. Once back at camp, the Jalapaos try to start a fire. The tribe wants to get rid of Sandy next. The next day, they decide to eat termites. They eat the guts of a big worm-like insect which they found in the termite mound. Sydney doesn’t eat the termites. Steven looked like he was about to vomit.

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Look! The 1983 Iphone! Design Ahead of its Time

022309_rg_1983iphone_01.jpgIf you thought that the iPhone concept was something really recent, you’re going to be really surprised! You’d think that the concept was pretty recent, since the original iPhone came out in 2007. However, that’s not the case. Would you believe that something like an iPhone came out way back in 1983?

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