Battlestar Galactica Someone to Watch Over Me S04E17 (Scifi)

Battlestar Galactica is an Emmy Award winning science fiction television program created by Ronald D. Moore that first aired on October 18, 2004 in the United Kingdom and Ireland on Sky One, and January 14, 2005 in the United States on SCI FI. Repeats of episodes have been shown in the United States on SCI FI, NBC, Bravo, and in high definition on Universal HD.

Battlestar Galactica continues from the 2003 mini-series to chronicle the journey of the last surviving humans from the Twelve Colonies of Kobol after their nuclear annihilation by the Cylons. The survivors are led by President Laura Roslin and Commander William Adama in a ragtag fleet of ships with the Battlestar Galactica, a powerful but old warship, as its command ship. Pursued by Cylons intent on wiping out the remnants of the human race, the survivors travel across the galaxy looking for the fabled and long-lost thirteenth colony: Earth.

From the Wikipedia entry for Battlestar Galactica.

It looks like getting Ellen back was just a giant ploy to get Hera back to the cylons and Cavil. Boomer helped orchestrate this and it worked like magic. No one knew until it was too late. Plus, she managed to harm Galactica. I wonder how much longer this ship can go on. They need to retrofit it completely with cylon tech if they want to save it.

The music that triggered the final five’s memories was written and composed by Thrace’s father, who was a musician. She discovers this while putting together her memories from her childhood. Hera also knows something about this. She is able to help Kara put together the notes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The crew is troubled with what is happening. Kara is doubting that she’s herself. She’s still the CAG. Her pilots are a mix of cylons and humans. They are looking for a habitable planet. Tyrol briefs the Admiral, Lee and the President on the situation. He congratulates a Six on being elected as a rep for her people. She wants Valeri transferred and tried for treason.

Sam is still in a coma. Cottle isn’t very optimistic about his prognosis. The cylons have all these ideas about what to do. Kara can’t move on. She won’t.

Someone is composing a song in the officer’s bar. He’s been playing it since the beginning of the show. It’s annoying Kara.

Tyrol is thinking about his time with Boomer. She was killed by Callie and died in his arms telling him that she loved him. That was before she was resurrected.

Helo gives Kara her stuff which was auctioned off when she was presumed dead. Hera has been drawings some stars. They aren’t stars, but a musical sequence. Kara only takes a tape of her father’s and leaves the rest of the stuff with Helo. She makes friends with the pianist at the bar. She tells him that her dad used to play. She loved hearing him play. Her dreams are plagued with the skull that she discovered on earth. She talks her problems over with the musician. They try and reconstruct the music. Kara takes out Hera’s drawing and finds out that she was helping them reconstruct the music. The Five recognize the song. It’s the one that awoke their cylon-selves.

The Chief goes to see Boomer. He told her some horrible things after she shot the old man. He touches her and he is taken into some memories. She tells him that this is their house. It was a cylon projection. Tyrol wants to save Boomer, but the other Five won’t do anything. Tyrol goes back to see Boomer. They never got to build their house, so she built one in her head.

Roslin signs the extradition order for Boomer. Tyrol can’t convince the president and she dismisses him. The Chief has to take matters into his own hands. He formulates a plan. From what I can see, I think that he convinced or knocked out another Eight to take Boomer’s place in the brig. Either that or she tricked him. Boomer assaults Athena and takes her place. Athena can hear Helo and Boomer making love from her cupboard, where Boomer stashed her. Boomer picks up Hera. She drugs her and stashes her in a crate. She wants Tyrol to come with her.

Athena arrives during Helo’s briefing. They alert the fleet. Boomer hasn’t left yet, but she fires up her raptor. She spools up her FTL drive and just makes it out of the Galactica. She initiates a jump too close to the Galactica and the ship is badly damaged. Tyrol is told that Boomer took Hera. He is devastated. She took Hera to bring her back to Cavil. It was all orchestrated from the beginning.

Ellen things that Hera is plugged into something that is manipulating them all.

* * * * *

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