Lost 316 S05E06 (ABC)

Lost is a United States serial drama television series that follows the lives of plane crash survivors on a mysterious tropical island, after a passenger jet flying between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, United States crashes somewhere in the South Pacific. Each episode typically features a primary storyline on the island as well as a secondary storyline from another point in a character’s life. The show was created by Damon Lindelof, J. J. Abrams and Jeffrey Lieber, and is filmed primarily on location in Oahu, Hawaii. The pilot episode was first broadcast on September 22, 2004. Since then, three seasons have aired. The show is produced by ABC Studios, Bad Robot Productions and Grass Skirt Productions and airs on the ABC Network in the United States. Its incidental music is composed by Michael Giacchino. The current executive producers are Abrams, Lindelof, Bryan Burk, Jack Bender and Carlton Cuse. Because of its large ensemble cast and the cost of filming in Hawaii, the series is one of the most expensive on television.

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This is one of the most significant episodes of Lost because it is in this episode that the Oceanic Six come back to the Island. There were clues all over this season about how this would happen. We have seen bottles of water from Ajira Airways wash up on shore. How Ben manages to convince them all to get on the plane is surprising. He does this exactly how Nathan Alpert said it would happen. Thanks to Locke’s death. Locke’s death brought together everyone. Sun knows that Jin is alive and she’s heading back. Kate had to leave Aaron behind. She makes Jack promise never to ask her about this.

This episode also adds a new cast of characters to the Island, including Caesar and Ilana who are predestined to become an important part in what’s to come. Great episode.

* * * * *

Jack wakes up in a bamboo forest. He’s got a scrap of paper saying I wish in his hand. He can hear Hurley calling for him. He starts running through the forest. He sees Hurley drowning at the bottom of a waterfall and jumps in. Hurley is clinging to a guitar case. Jack sees Kate laying on a rock. It looks like this is when they return to the Island after three years.

The story shifts 46 hours earlier. The elderly woman Eloise Hawking brings them down to her laboratory in the basement of the church. The door to it has a Dharma Initiative seal. The technology is difficult to describe. There is a large pendulum swinging over a projection of the world. She says that it’s a Dharma Initiative station called the lamppost. This is how they found the Island. She says that the room was constructed years ago over a pocket of electromagnetic energy. This pocket connects to others all over the world. The people who made this were only interested in one, the Island. They’d gathered proof that it existed and was out there somewhere. A very clever fellow built this pendulum. They should stop looking where the Island was supposed to be but start looking for where the Island was going to be. The Island was always moving. The movements seem random, the man created a series of equations on how to find the Island with a high degree of probability. They were windows who were open for a short while. Theirs will close in 36 hours. Desmond delivers his message to Faraday’s mom. She was the one who told him to go to the Island. He wasted four years. He tells Jack that these people are using them. He tells him to ignore what Faraday’s mom says. He leaves. Faraday’s mom had a smug look on her face.

Faraday’s mom Eloise Hawking has found flight that will go through a window. It’s a flight from LAX to Guam on Ajira Airways Flight 316. They will need to recreate their initial passage to the Island. We know that the Aijira Airways flight crashed on the Island since a few bottles of water were on the beach at one point in a past episode. If they don’t, the results will be unpredictable. She’s got more to tell Jack in private. She gives him an envelope from Locke. It’s his suicide note. He will help them to get back. He’s going to be a substitute for Christian. He has to get something that belonged to his father and give it to John. Jack is sceptical and joins Ben in the church. He says that Sun left. Ben says that he’s got a loose end to tie up.

Later Jack is staring at a drink. He gets a call. It’s from Ray, his grandfather. He’s been trying to escape from his retirement home. He’s got Christian’s shoes in his bag. Jack takes them. At his place, he hears someone before he can take a drink. He finds Kate sleeping on his bed. She says that she’s going with him. She tells him if he wants her to go with him, he will never ask what happened to Aaron. She kisses him. They make love.

The next day, Jack prepares breakfast. Kate is acting strange. Jack tells Kate about the shoes that he put on his father’s body. He wasn’t worth the effort to pick up some new nice ones. He was dead. She leaves quickly when his phone rings. It’s Ben. Ben is covered in blood and at a marina. He wants Jack to pick up Locke’s body. He meets Jill. Jack has just enough time to put his dad’s shoes on Locke’s body. He also puts Locke’s suicide not in his suit pocket.

The same day, Jack is at the Sheppard going through the motions to fly to Guam with Locke’s body. A man gives him his condolences. He spots Kate arriving. Sun walks up to him. They see Sayid being escorted onto the plane by some federal agent. Hurley is also in the lounge. He says that someone told him to come. He’s got a guitar with him. It must be Charlie’s guitar, because Eloise told Jack to bring something that was of Christian’s. Therefore, Hurley must have brought something of Charlie’s. Since Charlie died on the Island, he could come back as well, although they don’t have his body. When he hears that the flight has some open seats, he rushes to the flight attendant and tells her that he bought the 78 free seats. There aren’t any free ones left. He’s making sure that everyone who is supposed to be on the plane is on the plane. Ben arrives in a rush. It looks like he’s got a broken arm. Hurley doesn’t want Ben here. Jack calms everyone down. The flight attendant hands Jack Locke’s suicide note. The flight leaves. Jack learns that Locke hung himself.

Frank Lapidus is the pilot of this plane. Jack tells the flight attendant to mention his name to Frank. Frank sees the others in the first class lounge and realizes that they aren’t going back to Guam. Ben gives Jack some privacy to read Locke’s note. It’s been following Jack ever since he got it from Eloise. Jack reads it. It says: “Jack, I wish you had believed me.” At that moment, the plane hits some turbulence. The plane starts lurching about. There is a bright white light and everything fades to white.

Jack wakes up in the bamboo forest. He hears Hurley. We are back at the beginning where we started out. Kate is fine. They can’t find the plane. None of them remembers crashing. They were being tossed around and ended up in the lagoon. They hear a van coming up. It’s the Dharma van and it’s Jin. He’s wearing a Dharma Initiative jumpsuit and he’s got 70s era hair. The van is the blue VW converted Dharma Initiative van that the boys horsed around at one point in the last few seasons.

* * * * *

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