Survivor Tocantins Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This S18E03 (CBS)

Erin didn’t see that Candace was going to be evicted, so she’s backtracking quickly. Coach thinks that she aligned herself with the wrong person. That means that she’s the next on the chopping block. Sierra is kind of safe. Coach finds her insulting. The next morning, Erin thinks that she’s on the outs with her tribe. She needs to outperform Sierra and Debbie. Jerry is feeling sick.

At Jalapao, the tribe starts to fish and they are disappointed with how many fishes they are catching. JT thinks that it’s a throw net, but it’s way too big. They do better with the rods.

It’s time for the next challenge. Six members of each tribe will be blindfolded and tied together in pairs. The others will guide them. They must make their way to a water tower. Once that’s done, they must fill another container with corn from a corn tower. Up for grabs, a tarp, umbrella, pillows, blankets and some other trinkets. Jalapao is slightly ahead. Debbie has trouble guiding Jerry/Brendan. Timbira is in trouble. Jalapao has a two bucket advance on Timbira. The Timbira is still pouring water. Jalapao has moved onto the corn. Jalapao blows Timbira away. Brendan is going back to Exile Island. He takes Taj again.

Timbira has trouble coming together. They were humiliated. Coach tells Tyson that he wants to get rid of Erin. Tyson thinks that Coach is an ass. He’s happy to let him dig his own hole.

At Jalapao, they are pretty happy. They just won another challenge. They put their tarp on their shelter. Naturally, it starts to rain shortly after.

At Timbira, they are getting wet. At Exile, Taj gets the clue this time. It says that the item is surrounded by wood. She shares it with Brendan. They need to find the idols soon. If someone else gets the clues, they will be in trouble. Brendan thinks that he can work with Sierra. Taj will work with Steve. They will have a secret 4-way alliance that no one will know about.

At Jalapao, the tribe didn’t get wet. They were happy that Timbira was stuck in the cold. Sandy thinks that she’s behaving like a sex kitten. That’s disturbing.

It’s time for the next challenge. For today’s challenge, two members of each tribe will race to drag back some giant crates. They will need to get six crates back. Then they will build a giant staircase. Timbira are ahead. Joe and Sandy try to make up some time. They are racing against Coach/Erin. They make up most of the time. Timbira is ahead. They bring back the crates first, but Jalapao is right behind them. They have to build the staircase so that the blocks spell out their tribe’s name. They start to argue and slow down. Jalapao catches up. Jalapao completes theirs first. They all scramble up. Jalapao wins immunity again. Jerry feels terrible. He’s sick, so he thinks that he will be singled out as the weakest link.

As soon as Timbira is back, Erin is happy that Jerry is sick because she thinks that she is staying here. He plots with Debbie and Sierra. He’s on Erin’s case because of what he perceives being an evil smile on her part. Sierra wants to vote off Jerry, because he’s sickish. Tyson tells Jerry that they are going to get rid of Erin.

Brendan starts looking for the immunity idol. He finds it easily. He hides it a few moments later. He’ll have it for tribal council. Erin wants to stay at camp. Tyson likes to send people packing, especially with a blindside.

It’s time for tribal. Jerry says that they need a leader. He points at Brendan. Coach kind of suggests that he is the leader. He told everyone with his eyes what to do with people. Erin rolls her eyes and makes some faces. She says that Brendan would be the better leader. Coach makes Tyson and Brendan laugh. Brendan doesn’t play the idol. Jerry gets voted out.

* * * * *

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