MacBook Pro 17 Problems

Even though you might desperately want it, I’d hold off on getting Apple’s new 17-inch MacBook Pro. Some problems have arisen when the discrete graphics chip, the NVidia 9600M starts to work. Annoying green lines have been reported. The Apple support forums are lit up with complaints. There are some temporary work arounds, but nothing permanent. Hopefully, a firmware update will take care of this issue. If not, it’s going to be related to a hardware issue. Maybe this is why the MacBook Pro was delayed a few weeks ago. This has happened before.

Author: range

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3 thoughts on “MacBook Pro 17 Problems”

  1. Hi i just read a review at for the 17″ mac book pro, i had waited very long to get one however just saw here that mac book pro 17 has a problem with the display..i would love to know should i go ahead with the macbook pro 17″ or with 15″ or should i wait a bit more… one more ting if u could please suggest/advice/recommend….

    i am big time confused with the screen size, is it worth going in for a 17″ macbook pro or a 15″ would be fair enough cuz 17″ is some extra bucks however which i am ready to spend, but as u said it has issues with the what next….before u ask
    i am an electronic music composer and a sound engineer & i am from India. The mac book pro will be used heavily for audio production with industry standard softwars like logic pro and protools. so i would love if u could

    advice me for the same, i dont want to end up regretting…

    Thanks Abhishek

  2. Hey,
    Personally, I’d go for the 17-inch. There are just no issues there. The only reason I’d wait is for this display screen issue to clear up. I’d wait until Apple has addressed it.

    Basically, even though the battery life isn’t really 7 hours, I’ve read that some people get really close to that. That is the double or triple of any other laptop.

    But that doesn’t mean you need the 17-inch. It all depends on what you are going to do with it. Since you work in music, I guess that a 15.4-inch would do the job. You aren’t involved much in graphics, which is where the 17-inch really shines.

  3. Hello Range,
    its very true 17″ would be more useful for the guys in graphics field…as i am into music so as u said 15.4″ would also not be a bad option, as for the battery 5 hours is fair enough cuz most of the time it will be plugged in for any performances…just while traveling a 5 hour back up is more than enough for me….
    However yesterday i was going thru apple discussion forum and found that few people with mac book pro 15″ also had similar issues….and today AMD also coated the same issue on the cnet website…

    i hope apple gets it rectified asap cuz i am really in hurry to get one…as my older machine died last night, which was a beast once…..

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