Survivor Tocantins The Strongest Man Alive S18E04 (CBS)

Jerry was sent home for being sick. The Timbira tribe comes back to camp. Coach is still pissed off. He wants to get rid of Erin. The next day, they want to establish a leader. Tyson doesn’t really care. Coach tells Brendan that he is the leader. Erin tries to backtrack, but that doesn’t work. They talk a lot about leadership and BS.

We need to thrive in the wild and not exist.

It’s day 10 and Jalapao is waking up. Taj wants to recruit Stephen for her alliance. She tells him about her alliance with Brendan. If they win the next challenge, they have to choose Sierra and she will then choose Stephen. Sierra still doesn’t know about the Exile Alliance. Brendan hasn’t filled her in.

It’s time for the next challenge. Three members of each tribe will have weights attached to a pole that is hanging onto their shoulders. Last person left standing wins reward for their tribe. They must put two men and one woman . The winning tribe will send two members over to the camp of the losing tribe to steal two items. In addition, the winning tribe will chose a person from the opposing tribe to go to Exile. That person will then chose someone from the other tribe to go to Exile.

The weight bearers are Taj, JT, Joe for Jalapao. Debra, Brendan and Tyson do the deed for Timbira. Each tribe will put the weight on their own tribe member, but the opposing tribe decides on who the weight goes on. They initially decide to spread the weight around, which is stupid. Brendan has 180 lbs, JT at 160, Tyson 120, Joe at 140, Taj and Debra have 80. Rupert has the record for his challenge at 220 lbs. They put another 20 lbs and Brendan drops out. JT is at 200. Tyson is at 140. JT is a 220. Tyson drops out at 140. JT drops his weight. Joe drops out. It’s up to the women. Jalapao had a huge lead, but it evaporated. Both women have 80 lbs. At 100 lbs, before they can put on another 20lbs, Debra drops out. Jalapao wins another challenge.

Taj sends Sierra and Sierra picks her. Brendan says that he didn’t have a chance to brief Sierra. That’s completely stupid. Timbira goes back to camp and wonders what they are going to take. Joe and JT show up to raid the Timbira camp. They take a sack of beans and a watering can.

Sandy immediately asks why they didn’t take both sacks of beans. They others try to explain to her, but she is an idiot. She is getting on Sydney’s nerves. Sydney keeps repeating herself. She gets hit on a lot by Joe and JT. Sandy doesn’t like her because she uses her feminine wiles.

If I can’t outwit her with the body, I’ll outwit her with the brains.

At Exile, Taj gets the clue. She knows where the Idol is. It turns out that Sierra hasn’t been filled on in the plan. Sierra is stoked. She started at the bottom at the food chain and now she’s almost at the top.

At Timbira, the tribemates are lounging around. They aren’t working. Tyson is wearing a loincloth. He looks hilarious and he’s making Debbie laugh. Erin is just on the outskirts. Oochie-poo, Erin has been through a messy breakup. She cries a lot about this. So if she talks about it, she’ll cry in front of the others. Tyson just wants to see her cry at tribal.

Taj and Sierra come back for the challenge. For today’s challenge, tribe members will race out to retrieve puzzle pieces. All of the pieces will have to be placed correctly and rotated to reveal the message. Taj sits this one out. She can’t run.

Joe starts out against Coach. He is faster than him. In JT vs Erin, JT beats her ass silly. In Spencer vs Brendan, Brendan makes up some ground. Stephen vs Tyson, Stephen moves quickly, but Tyson is an endurance athlete. Sandy vs Sierra, Sandy does well and Sierra shows off her bum. Sierra vs Debra, Debra catches up and now Timbira has the lead. Joe has to make up some ground. JT and Tyson compete for the final piece. Tyson is fast. JT made up a lot of time. It’s barely 2 seconds. It’s not going t matter.

Stephen has the key to winning the task, but he sees that Timbira has finally finished a task first. They win immunity. That means Erin is staying in the game. Sandy is going home.

Joe tells Sydney that he’s happy that Sandy is going home. Taj says that Sandy is stronger than Sydney. Sandy, Taj, Stephen and JT talk about the vote. The boys will definitely going to keep Sydney around. It’s a no-brainer. Sydney says that she likes being sneaky in Survivor. She isn’t sneaky back home.

It’s time for tribal. The talk turns to Sydney’s flirtatiousness and her looks. She looks pretty good without any makeup. Taj implies that she’ll be fine with or without her. It doesn’t really concern her. I’d be surprised if I was on Jalapao. It implies that she has got and extra-tribal alliance. Someone voted for Joe. Sandy is voted by a vote of 4-1-1. Sydney got a vote.

* * * * *

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