FMyLife is a great way of talking about the stupid stuff that happens in our lives. You can follow via twitter or read the blog. It’s pretty funny to read these random messed up stories. (via Lena)

Update: Naturally you can also subscribe to the feed and read the antics in your GReader, which is what I do. They are funny and tend to make me feel better.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

12 thoughts on “FMyLife”

  1. FML is funny, but I have some issues with them. The admins, and possibly the owner is attacking a similar site FWMcalling the owners of FWM “stupid”, and “big babies” (I know, they could of done much better than that, they’re immature), and accusing them of ripping off FML.

    FML has no right to make any accusations. If you look at, FML ripped them off, and they can’t say Jinxed copied them because Jinxed was created way before their french domain, and FML was even registered.

    So why can’t pull a move on them like what they did to Jinxed?

    They are afraid because up until they learned of they didn’t have any competition.

  2. Whenever a great idea is found, others will copy or try to improve it. For myself, I just stick with FMyLife. It’s a nice little addition to my daily feeds.

  3. Fmylife is the funniest website I have ever been on. People’s every day screw ups can always make me laugh. 🙂
    ~I am Sassshhaa Fieerceee!

  4. FML is pretty funny to read but..
    What about ? it looks A LOT cleaner than all of these types of websites (actually is very nicely designed). It actually serves a good purpose too, venting (anonymously even). It allows the user to speak freely and say whatever is on their mind, and it feels great doing so! FML does this to a point, but it’s more or less a “lets see if i can make a funny post” site.

    Muttr is straight to the point, simple, eye pleasing, and extremely easy to use. It will remain my choice for quite some time now! Trust me there’s plenty of things I will always need to vent about lol.

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