The Amazing Race It Was Like A Caravan of Idiots S14E04 (CBS)

Tammy/Victor barely made it last week. The teams leave Romania for Siberia, through Moscow. They must make their way to a hydroelectric dam to find their next clue. Mel/Mike are followed closely by Amanda/Kris, Kisha/Jen, Margie/Luke, Mark/Mike, the blondes, and Jaime/Cara. They all leave within an hour of each other.

Mark/Mike call Jaime/Cara thinking they are calling Lufthansa. Tammy/Victor leave at 1:30AM. The blondes go to an internet café. They decide on a 3-hour layover in Moscow because they thought that a one-hour-five-minute layover was too short to catch their connecting flight.

They can take a number of different flights to Moscow. They all connect onto the 8:55PM flight from Moscow to Siberia. Only Mark/Mike, Kisha/Jen and the blondes get the right flight. The others missed the earlier flight. The dam opens at 8:30AM. Teams must now travel to a church. They face a detour. They must choose between Stack or Contruct. In Stack, they need to stack a pile of firewood. In Construct, teams must build a set of traditional wood shutters and assemble them properly. They must also install them.

All of the first teams decide to do Stack. Mark/Mike don’t find the wood pile. It’s a big stack of wood. The girls think that Mark/Mike get lost a lot. They finally arrive.

The other teams arrive in Siberia. The blondes are in front of the three first teams. Theirs is more stable. Mike collapses his pile and the model stack as well. They have to stack both. They decide to do Construct instead. They are a little stupid. Or they are acting stupid. Kisha/Jen finish 1st. They must now make their way to a museum. A U-Turn is ahead. This is a Blind U-Turn. This time, they don’t have to post their photos, making it anonymous. The blondes finish 2nd and leave.

Kisha/Jen decide not to use the U-Turn. They must travel to a local amusement park. The blondes don’t U-Turn anyone. Amanda/Kris, Mel/Mike, Margie/Luke, Jaime/Cara and Tammy/Victor decide to stack.

They face a Roadblock. They must complete a bobsled run in under 4 minutes. They must unscramble a puzzle by finding clues on their run. It must spell the name of a famous Russian playright, Chekhov. Kisha misses the last letter V. Jaime/Cara think that Amanda should help Kris out more. Mark/Mike are still lost. They can’t find the house on which to put the shutters, which they haven’t assembled yet.

Christie gets all letters. Kisha has to do the run again. Christie has no idea who the writer could be. Mel/Mike’s stack falls over. Cara’s also fall over. Kris/Amanda’s falls to the floor. Mel/Mike decide to the other task.

Margie/Luke complete their stack. Amanda/Kris decide to do the other Detour. Tammy/Victor finish as well. Amanda/Kris are U-Turned by Margie/Luke. Kisha gets the word puzzle. They leave to the next pit stop, the theatre of musical comedy. Christie gets it as well.

Margie/Luke and Tammy/Victor do the bobsled task. Kisha doesn’t enter through the main entrance. The blondes arrive 1st. They win a motorcycle each.

Victor immediately knew that the playwright was Chekhov. They leave for the pit stop. Luke had no idea what to do with the word puzzle.

Jaime/Cara finish their stack. The three teams doing Construct can’t find the right place to put the shutters up. Mel/Mike look around and find the place. Luke finally gets it and they leave for the pit stop.

Mel/Mike leave for the next task, followed by Mark/Mike. Amanda/Kris finish last and find out that they are U-Turned. They need to finish the wood pile. Tammy/Victor finish 3rd. Jaime gets Chekhov on the 1st try. They leave for the pit stop.

Margie/Luke finish 4th. Mike misses a letter and has got to do the bobsled run again. Jaime/Cara finish 5th. Amanda/Kris finish the U-Turn task and leave for the bobsled task. They are in last place. They think that Jen/Kisha or the blondes who blind U-Turned them.

Mel completes the puzzle and leave for the pit stop. Mike completes his task quickly. Mel/Mike finish 6th. Amanda/Kris complete the task and leave for the pit stop.

Mark/Mike are out of money when they arrive at the pit stop. They negotiate and leave for the stop. They finish 7th. Amanda/Kris finish last and are eliminated from the race.

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