The Amazing Race She’s a Little Scared of Stick But I Think She’ll Be OK S14E05 (CBS)

The blondes ended up being team #1 last time. Kris/Amanda got eliminated by Margie/Luke.

The teams leave from Siberia. Teams must ride the trans-Siberian railway to Novosibirsk. They must race to find their next clue. Kisha/Jen hook up with the blondes to find the railway station. The train leaves at 10:26PM, so they have about 10 hours to wait. All of the teams will be on the same train.

It’s a leveller. Luke/Margie are excited. Kisha/Jen don’t fit on the sleeper bunks. Mike talks with Luke. He realized that they are the power players. Kisha/Jen go the wrong direction and are passed by Jaime/Cara. They stop to let Margie/Luke to follow them. Mark/Mike have trouble finding a cab and do some dangerous manoeuvres to get one. Kisha/Jen are last.

Tammy/Victor pass Mel/Mike. Jaime/Cara arrive first. They face a Detour. In Russian Bride, teams choose a Lada and search a building to find a bride. They must ferry her to her awaiting groom. When the photographer snaps a picture, they get their next clue. In Snowplough, teams drive a Lada to a stadium. They must each take a turn to drive a snowplough through a course. Luke/Margie and Jaime/Cara head over to do Snowplow. Victor/Tammy do snowplough as well. Mel/Mike do Russian Bride. Victor barely knows how to drive stick. The teams stop at a gas station. Victor/Tammy ask a cab driver. Once they get directions, they just leave. Jaime/Cara hop into their car to follow Margie/Luke who follow Tammy/Victor. Victor sees the directions that Margie/Luke get from a woman and just leave. What do they expect? It’s a race!

The blondes and the stuntmen arrive at the same time. The girls do the bride and the boys do the snowplough. Kisha/Jen are in last place. They do Russian Bride. Mel/Mike find their bride pretty quickly. They drive the beautiful bride to the church.

Jaime/Cara pass Victor/Tammy. Jaime/Cara have no idea what to do. Tammy/Victor figure out what to do. Victor starts off driving. Jaime/Cara still haven’t found a snowplough.

That guy touched my butt and asked my name.
Christie or Jodi

It’s Tammy’s turn. Luke gets frustrated with his mom. Kisha/Jen find their bride. The blondes find a bride. Tammy/Victor finish first. They must drive to some the largest library in Siberia to search for their next clue. Jaime/Cara and Margie/Luke finish their task. They leave for the library.

Mark/Mike arrive to do the snowplough task. They have trouble because there are small. Mel/Mike find the church and drop off their bride. They leave for the library as well. Mark/Mike finish quickly and leave for the library. Kisha/Jen have trouble with the stick shift. The blondes are at the wrong church.

Luke/Marige arrive 1st followed closely by Tammy/Victor and Jaime/Cara. They face a Roadblock. They must run a winter marathon. Well, it’s only 1.4 miles in their underwear. They will arrive at a Novosibirsk theatre, the largest in all of Russia and the next pit stop. Luke is the 1st one to leave. It’s -3C. Cara looks nice in her undies. Cara had to stop running. Tammy passes her.

Mike will run for his team. One of the midgets does the same for the stuntmen. Kisha/Jen are still playing cab driver. The blondes are last.

Luke was embarrassed, but he kept running so he finished 1st. They win a trip for 2 to St-Lucia. Tammy finishes 2nd. I guess that they all made the girls wear special demure underwear so that they didn’t show off their thongs. I could see that Tammy was wearing one. Mike had trouble with the boots he was running in. Jaime/Cara finish 3rd.

Kisha/Jen and the blondes have trouble finding the library. Kisha/Jen have trouble with the clutch drive. Mike finishes 4th. Marc finishes 5th. They run up the stairs t try and beat Mel/Mike, but don’t. They had a lot of trouble finding Phil.

Kisha does the run. She had to change into underwear because she doesn’t wear any. She goes commando! The blondes arrive.

Actually, Christie had to run in her thong. Kisha gets a few whistles and honks. Kisha does look pretty hot. She’s a really tall woman. They finish 6th. The blondes finish last. They aren’t eliminated. They will face a Speedbump in the next leg of the race.

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