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Failed Run

I tried going for a run today, but only made it till the end of the block before I noticed that my ankle was still bothering me. I knew it would just go worse if I continued. So I went back home.

I’ve been icing it down since Wednesday and have been able to walk without any problems since yesterday. I thought that I could go for a run today, but that wasn’t going to happen. I’ll try for one tomorrow, if my ankle is alright.

Customize Your New iPod in Different Ways

032709_rg_customizedipod_01.jpgiPods are great music players. Personally, I have trouble with iTunes, but maybe that’s because I don’t have a Mac yet. Still, after about 8 years and only two different iPods in all of that time, one iPod 40GB with the old school screen and one iPod Classic 160GB from last year, I’m pretty satisfied with the little gizmo. My iPod Classic has been running every day since last January, without ever so much as a glitch. The battery lasts pretty long. Even though I use it every day, I only charge it once every two weeks. That’s pretty impressive. Some people might think that the iPods are a bit sober in colors. It’s true that they tend to be black or white or covered in brushed aluminum. This is why I really find that customizing your iPod is a good idea. It makes it unique, and all of us like having stuff that is unique.

Renato Osoy’s Sexy Polaroids

A series of sexy polaroids by Rena Osoy of model llama Seren

A series of sexy polaroids by Renato Osoy of model llama Seren

Safe to say that this is NSFW, but really nice work. There is something about analog film that is just great. Even though this is just polaroid work, there are some great hues and warm accents to be found in the snaps.

Why Is Raw Milk So Hard to Find?

I’ve been wanting to drink raw milk for a while, but it turns out that it’s pretty much illegal in most US states. In fact, you probably have to head to the black market to be able to get some or just visit a nearby farm!

The Amcor: The Iconic Fridge Chair

032709_rg_fridgechair_01.jpgFinding the right chair isn’t always easy. You’ve got a lot of different choices, and sometimes it’s not obvious which one would suit you best. First of all, you need something comfortable. Then you need to think about how it looks. Afterward, you’ll need to make sure it fits in your home office. When I saw the Amcor chair, I was really surprised. It is a green chair made from recycling a refrigerator.

Terry Richardson’s Vogue Spread

This photo spread is supposed to feature watches

This photo spread is supposed to feature watches

The photos are by bad boy Terry Richardson and I liked them. (I find them SFW but some might think that they are NSFW)

A Cup of Coffee Improves Your Running Time

It’s been scientifically shown that a cup of coffee increases your usual running time. To get this increase in performance, you don’t need a lot either. The NY Times reports on this story.

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