The Amazing Race Alright Guys We’re at War S14E06 (CBS)

The teams start out from Novosibirsk. Teams must leave for Jaipur, India. Once there, they will race to sacred tree. Luke’s very happy with his mom. They make a good team. A few minutes later, Victor/Tammy leave. The teams must connect through Moscow. Six minutes later,Cara/Jaime leave. In the end, all teams will get on the same flight from Moscow, so it’s an equalizer.

Christie and Jodi are the last to depart at 3AM. Teams connect to Jaipur on the same flight. Tammy/Victor are first on their way. Mark/Mike fight with Margie/Luke for a cab. Mel/Mike get into a cab who doesn’t know where to go. The driver locks their stuff in their trunk to get directions. They freak out because they leave last. Mel feels bad for yelling at him. Christie/Jodi’s cab has to get some gas.

All of the teams face some culture shock. Jaime starts to cry. Luke does so as well. They have trouble seeing the poverty. Luke sees some kids eating garbage. Tammy/Victor are the 1st to arrive. They need to phone some number. They need to travel to Amber Fort. Mark/Mike arrive next, followed by a bunch of teams.

Mel/Mike, Kisha/Jen, Jaime/Cara, Margie/Luke, Mark/Mike arrive at the tree. They don’t know what to do. They don’t check out the phones. It takes Margie read the notice on the phones for the teams to get their clues. Margie/Luke follow the caravan of cars. Mark/Mike leave last. The blondes are still in last place.

Tommy/Victor face the Roadblock. They must care for a camel. They must feed the camels. Victor does it. Victor uses a bucket to get camel feed. He then sees the right tools. Mark/Mike’s taxi is passing all of the teams. Victor moves over to the water. All of the teams are initially confused. Jaime gets annoyed. All of the teams start with the water. Mel has trouble. Victor finishes and they leave. Tammy falls on the ground. Teams must now race to a puppet store. The blondes arrive. Kisha starts bringing the feed over with her hands. None of the teams have seen the baskets. Mel is the first one to find it.

Tammy/Victor face a Detour. Movers or Shakers. In Movers, they will choose a rickshaw mounted high with barrels and ride it 1.5 miles to a gate Then, they must search for an elephant before getting their clue. In Shakers, they join a dance troupe. They must earn 100 rupees. Tammy/Victor choose to dance.

Jodi moves on to the hay. Kisha finally sees Mel using the basket. Margie and Jaime see them too. Mel finishes the Roadblock 2nd. They leave for the puppet store. Jaime and Margie finish as well. Kisha finishes. They are in 3rd, 4th and 5th place. Mark/Mike finish. They are in 6th. Jodi finishes last.

Tammy/Victor finish the Detour and make their way to the next pit stop, Jaigarh Fort. Mel/Mike do the dancing. All of the teams arrive. Mark/Mike do the rickshaw. Mistake! Jaime/Cara do the dancing. Kisha/Jen and Margie/Luke do the same. Christie/Jodi hit the Speedbump. In this Speedbump, they must make their way to a temple to decorate an elephant.

Mel/Mike leave for the pit stop. Tammy/Victor finish 1st. They win kayaks.

Jaime/Cara leave for the pit stop. They lost their taxi. It had their stuff in it. The blondes finish their Speedbump. Margie/Luke leave for the pit stop. They find him and badger him. The blondes start the Detour. They dance. Kisha/Jen leave for the pit stop. Mark/Mike are still doing their Detour. They have to find the tiny elephants. It’s like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

Mel/Mike finish 2nd. Mike was really proud of his dad for smoking the competition at the Roadblock. Mel was really happy to hear this.

The blondes leave for the pit stop. They are 6th. Mark/Mike are last to leave for the pit stop. Three teams make a run for it. Kisha/Jen finish 3rd. Margie/Luke finish 4th. Jaime/Cara finish 5th. Mark/Mike finish 6th. The blondes are eliminated. They were right behind the boys.

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