The Amazing Race Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla S14E07 (CBS)

Tammy and Victor finished 1st. Christie/Jodi came up minutes short of staying in the race. They got eliminated. The teams start off from Jaipur, India. Teams leave for Phuket, Thailand. They must find a statue of a gorilla, which is located in a zoo. The teams don’t know this. All they have to go on is a photo. Tammy says that she went to Phuket with parents, who didn’t let her do anything.

Mel/Mike head to the travel agency as well. Tammy/Victor will arrive at 8:50. Kisha/Jen go there as well. Margie/Luke Jaime/Cara also leave. They all leave within fifteen minutes. Jaime/Cara go to the airport. Mel/Mike take the same flights as Tammy/Victor. Margie/Like, Mark/Mike, Kisha/Jen all take the same tickets. Jaime/Cara book the same flight at the airport.

It took the teams 14 hours to arrive in Phuket and face the taxi mafia. Tammy/Victor are in 5th place leaving the airport. Mel/Mike have trouble getting a taxi.

Dude, you are a witch with the b.
Cara about Jaime

The teams scramble to find information about the statue. Mark/Mike, Tammy/Victor, Jaime/Cara and Margie/Luke leave for the zoo. Jaime/Cara find the gorilla first. They must take place in a Thai performance. An elephant will walk over them. Mark/Mike find the clue followed closely by Kisha/Jen, who try to spring ahead, but the midgets find the tiger first. The teams have to take a picture of the tiger first.

For some reason, Mel/Mike are going to Patong beach. Their driver is on the phone the whole time. When they ask around, they are told that the gorilla is in the zoo, but they don’t believe that. After a while, they go to the zoo. They are totally lost. Mark/Mike do the elephant squat. Jaime gets the elephant to squat on her.

Teams must make their way to an herb shop in Phuket. Jaime/Cara pass Mike/Mark. The girls think that the Tweedles are characters from a cartoon. Jaime gets frustrated because the old man in the shop doesn’t understand her screaming. Kisha/Jen arrive. Three teams are looking for clues in a giant cupboard. Mark/Mike get the clue first. They must choose between 100 barrels or Two Miles. In 100 barrels, teams must fill 47 barrels with water, and move 53 empty barrels from the boat to the roof. In Two miles, teams must use a rickshaw. While one team is in the back, the other one will pull the rickshaw. Mark/Mike do Two miles.

Tammy/Victor arrive at the spice shop. Margie/Luke are there too. Kisha/Jen find their clue and do 100 barrels. Margie/Luke also get theirs. They want to do 100 barrels. Tammy/Victor get their clue and want to do Two miles.

Mel/Mike think that Jaime is mean. Jaime/Cara decide to do 100 barrels. Mark/Mike try to screw around with the pumps that they need for the rickshaw. Mel/Mike arrive at the herb shop. They seem to be having fun.

Kisha/Jen end up in the middle of nowhere. Jaime/Cara and Margie/Luke decide to do 2 miles instead. Jen/Kisha are still looking for the boats. Mark/Mike have the cab lead them to the park. Tammy/Victor leave on the rickshaw. Mel/Mike find the clue. They want to do 100 barrels. Mark/Mike switch. They arrive at the park and find the route marker. Jaime gets frustrated because she can’t find any directions to the park. Mark/Mike get to the next clue. They must make their way to another temple. They are in 1st place. They finish ahead of everyone else. They incurred two thirty-minute penalties. One because they tried to hide the pumps. Another one for hiring the taxi to lead them to the next clue.

Kisha/Jen arrive at the boats. They start hauling the barrels up. Margie/Luke, Jaime/Cara and Tammy/Victor are in the rickshaws. Kisha didn’t notice that they could have been filling the barrels at the same time. Mel/Mike arrive at the boats.

Margie/Luke face some communication problems. It was just easier for Margie to pull. Tammy/Victor stupidly leave their rickshaw and ran to the end. When they find the parking spot, they run back to get their rickshaw. Meanwhile, Jaime/Cara pass them. Tammy/Victor are close behind.

Margie/Luke are in 4th place. Tammy/Victor finish 2nd. This means that they check in first, before Mark/Mike. They win a trip for two to Waikiki. Jaime/Cara finish 2nd. Mark/Mike finish 3rd. Margie/Luke finish 4th. Margie is about to faint. She passes out. Phil and a medic take her into the shade, pour water on her head and call her an ambulance.

Kisha/Jen finish the task and leave for the pit stop. They are completely lost. Mel/Mike leave for the pit stop. Kisha/Jen finish 5th. Mel/

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