Survivor Tocantins One of Those Coach Moments S18E07 (CBS)

Spencer was voted out at the last tribal council. JT isn’t worried. He will be worried if they lose another challenge. Joe tells Sydney that Taj will be voted off before her.

It’s day 16 at Timbira. Coach adds more water to the beans because he likes them thoroughly cooked. It started to rain and Coach comes into the shelter. Brendan and Sierra are frustrated with him. Some of the beans burnt. Have of them are lost, and it’s all Coach’s fault.

Sierra speaks her mind to Coach. He’s a total asshole. He doesn’t know, but he’s painting a target on his back. Brendan likes him because he’s very predictable.

Taj and Stephen talk about their alliance and the idols. She wants to tell JT. She just wants to tell him about the idol, but not about their 4-person alliance.

It’s time for the next challenge. Each tribe will have 5 minutes to build a barricade of the other tribe. They will try to toss ceramic pigs through it. The winning tribe will be taken to a beautiful waterfall to enjoy a BBQ. The winning tribe will chose a person from the losing tribe to Exile, who will chose a person from the winning tribe to join them.

Erin sits this one out. They have to toss the pigs to each other. Timbira is one the board first. They are on a roll. They have 3. Jalapoa has 1. 4-2. Timbira has 5. 6-4. 7-4. 7-5. 8-5. 8-6. Timbira starts to fall back. 8-7. We are tied 8-8. 9-9. Three minutes left. Jalapao is in the lead. 10-9. 11-9. 12-9. 12-11. 12-12. Timbira is in the lead again. Then tied again 13-13. Tyson makes the winning toss. 14-13.

Timbira chooses Joe to go to Exile. He chooses Erin. They leave for Exile. Timbira leaves for their BBQ. They’ve got chips, fruits, and drinks. The water was crystal clear. Debbie back flips into the water pool, from the boys’ hands.

At Exile, Erin gets the clue. She knows that it’s back at camp. She tells him that they are back at camp. She shows him the clue. They want to have an alliance.

Stephen and Taj think that they need to put together a fake Idol. They are trying to pull a Yau-Man. Taj’s idol doesn’t look that good. She plants it. JT sees her messing about. He finds the immunity idol. He tells Stephen. He says that Taj showed it to him just right now. Stephen tells TJ that she needs to tell him. She tells him. She promises that he and Stephen can use the idol anytime they need it.

It’s time for the next challenge. Each tribe will use a slingshot to try and break a tile. It will release some puzzle pieces and more tiles to break. They will need to assemble a puzzle. Debbie sits the challenge out. JT starts out against Tyson. Tyson connects. JT connects a few moments later. Tyson connects, but needs another one to break. JT connects as well. The second bag is released for Jalapao. JT’s target is very small because he didn’t wait long enough. Tyson breaks his and gets the 3rd bag. Brendan and Erin start assembling the puzzle. JT continues to miss. JT finally connects. He gets the 3rd bag. Joe and Stephen start the puzzle. Timbira completes their puzzle first and wins immunity.

Joe’s knee got nicked a few days ago and it got infected. Taj and Stephen know that Joe will go after their fake idol. He finds it.

Sydney doesn’t know it, but she’s going home. Stephen and JT try to talk with Joe. They tell him that they want to keep Taj. They don’t come to any agreement. JT and Stephen talk about what to do. They could go either way. Technically, Stephen has got the idol in his dress pants.

It’s time for tribal. Joe talks about trust. Taj talks about what she has done to create relations with the other tribe. By a vote of 3-2, Sydney is evicted.

* * * * *

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