Survivor Tocantins Youre Going to Want that Tooth S18E05 (CBS)

Taj is getting her back scratched by Stephen. They find the other immunity idol. Taj handed off the idol to Stephen because he had pockets. He wants to keep the idol and considers it his.

At Timbira, the tribe works on breakfast. Sierra has a talk with Brendan. She’s pissed at him for not telling her. He was an idiot. He tells her that he has the immunity idol.

It’s time for the next challenge. Today’s challenge will be played in rounds. One tribe member will be attached on a spinning top. Another tribe member pulls the rope. The dizzy tribe member must make their way across a balance beam. For today’s reward, the tribe will be taken to a café with coffee and pastries. The winning tribe will choose someone from the losing tribe to go to Exile. That person will chose a person from the winning tribe to go to Exile as well. One person will not enjoy the reward.

It’s Tyson vs Taj. Tyson wins for Timbira. It’s Erin vs Spencer. Spencer wins for Jalapao. JT vs Sierra. JT runs across and Jalapao wins. Jalapao leads 2-1. Sydney vs Debbie. Syndey falls off but she’s fast enough to get back up and run across to win. Jalapao wins. They send Brendan to Exile Island. He chooses Stephen. Tyson is worried about Brendan. He sees that the other tribe thinks a lot of him. He can see that there have been some alliances formed.

Jalapao stuffs themselves with pastries. Joe thinks that Taj has been hurt because she has been away all of this time. JT finds some envelopes. They get some letters from their families.

At Timbira, they talk things over. Tyson tells Debbie and Coach that they need to get rid of Brendan. He thinks that Brendan is creating relations with the other tribe. Coach and Debbie agree. They don’t tell Sierra and plan on getting rid of him at the next tribal. Coach thought that the wind would blow the storm away, but he didn’t know what he was talking about. They get stuck in the storm for hours and Erin thinks that he’s a douche.

At Exile, Stephen doesn’t trust Brendan since he’s only just met him. He thinks about keeping it on the down-low.

Sydney talks with Spencer about women. She misses her boyfriend Kelly. Spencer hasn’t told them that he is gay.

It’s time for the next challenge. Brendan and Stephen come back from Exile. Two members from each tribe will launch balls. The other tribe members have to catch the balls. First tribe to 5 wins.

Sydney and Stephen launch. For Timbira, Erin and Debbie do the same. Brendan/Taj, Coach/Joe, Spencer/Tyson, Sierra/JT guard each other. JT grabs the first ball and wins a point. JT catches another one. Joe’s goes in and out. It’s 2-0. Brendan catches one. It’s 2-1. Brendan snags another one while falling to the ground. It’s 2-2. Taj isn’t doing much. JT gets another one. It’s 3-1. He lost a tooth. He throws it out. Jeff wants him to find the tooth. Jeff takes it. It’s for medical later on. JT makes an incredible catch in the air. It’s 4-2. Tyson grabs one. It’s 4-3. Tyson gets another one. It’s 4-4. Jalapao’s lead has evaporated. Debbie and her tribe talk strategy using signs. Debbie goes short. Tyson scores for Timbira. Brendan was being held back by Taj. JT misses the lob by Sydney which went deep. Timbira wins immunity.

Jalapao is going to head to tribal council. JT thinks that Spencer is the culpable for the loss. He didn’t do much. Taj is pissed. She thinks that Spencer needs to go because he played worse. She talks with Joe, Stephen and JT. She takes it out on them. It doesn’t look good actually. Joe thinks that if she has the idol, it would be her time to go. JT wants to get rid of her. Stephen has a tough choice.

For some reason, Taj is really pissed off. She is digging her own hole. JT talks about Spencer. Spencer goes to see the boys. During the challenge, JT told Spencer to tackle someone and he didn’t.

It’s time for tribal. Spencer says that his performance was pathetic. Taj speaks about her outburst. Joe says that it wasn’t warranted. She felt a target on her back. She felt that she was going to go next. Joe makes Taj say that she doesn’t have the idol. No one plays the Immunity Idol. Spencer got voted out by 5-1.

* * * * *

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