Survivor Tocantins The Biggest Fraud in the Game S18E09 (CBS)

Coach says that the morale around camp was pretty low. He tries to tell a story, but it just irks the others. It’s some BS story of being beaten by some pygmies. Coach is just a lying bitch. No one believes him. Brendan doesn’t believe him anymore. I loved it when he said that National Geographic wanted to come with him to the Amazon, and he said no, this trip was about him and him being alone. What a douchebag!

Coach once again does his idiotic meditation in the morning. The tribe thinks that he’s a snake. JT thinks that Brendan is targeting him. JT thinks that Brendan is going on. Erinn talks with JT.

It’s time for the challenge. They will try and knock out tiles on tables. They will divide into teams of 3. The winning team will go white river rafting. Then, they’ll get some food. The winning threesome will chose a person to go to Exile alone.

Debbie/Brendan/JT face off against Tyson/Taj/Coach and Sierra/Erinn/Stephen. Stephen and Coach knock off each a black tile. This is a long game. Red is down to one tile. Black and white have 2 left. Coach takes out a black team. Erinn knocks out the Red team. Taj/Tyson/Coach are out. Sierra is up. She misses. Brendan takes out another white tile. Each team has one tile left. Brendan chips the last remaining white tile. Erinn chips the last black tile. Brendan knocks out the white tiles. Black team wins reward. JT/Debbie/Brendan get a reward. They send Stephen to Exile.

Stephen gets a new clue to the same idol. He hasn’t been able to start fire by himself. It takes him a long time to start a fire with a flint.

Brendan/JT/Debbie had a blast at the reward. JT really appreciated it. Brendan liked seeing him happy. They got to eat a lot of food. Brendan starts to talk strategy with JT. JT doesn’t say much, but Brendan is thinking about a long-term strategy. He wants to take JT to the finals. He spends the whole night up thinking about his plan. He tells Sierra that he doesn’t want to send JT home. He tells her that they should take out Tyson/Coach/Erinn. He informs Taj about the new plan. Taj is happy because the old Timbira is targeting itself.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Each of the triebmembers will bet threaded to a rope. They will have to go through some obstacles. The first three to finish will compete in the final. First person to finish will win immunity.

JT and Tyson are off to a quick start. Debbie is also doing well. Taj is dead last. Stephen isn’t doing well either. Tyson, JT, Sierra are the top three. Coach is stuck. Tyson and JT are in front. JT is throwing himself to get ahead. Taj and Stephen are still at the 1st obstacle. JT finishes 1st. Tyson is 2nd. Brendan and Sierra compete for the 3rd spot. Brendan finishes 3rd. They move to the final.

Tyson is off to an early lead. JT is right behind him. Brendan inches on to get the lead. Tyson catches up. It’s between Brendan and Tyson. Tyson has the lead. He wins immunity again! Coach says that they will split the vote between Brendan and Sierra. Brendan says that they will all vote for Coach.

Brendan briefs JT/Coach/Sierra/Stephen/Taj that they are getting rid of Coach. Brendan believes that old Timbira will vote JT. Meanwhile, old Japapao is trying to get rid of Brendan.

At tribal, Jeff asks Coach about his crazy stories. All of the tribe laughs it off. Brendan has to tell that he has the immunity idol. From what Stephen says at the voting booth, it looks like Coach is going home. Jeff asks if someone wants to use the idol. Brendan doesn’t and he laughs looking at Tyson. By a vote of 2-4-3, Brendan is voted out. He’s the first member of the jury.

* * * * *

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