Survivor Tocantins The Dragon Slayer S18E08 (CBS)

Stupid Coach is doing some idiotic morning exercises. It’s morning meditation. Timbira looks at him like he’s an idiot. Later, he massages his tribe. Erinn likes having new Coach around.

Joe’s knee is swollen from the infection. He’s being an idiot. He should have let someone look at it. The tribes get treemail and it implies that the winning tribe will get a lot of food. The tribes arrive at a feast. Sierra immediately mentions that they were shocked who was evicted. They name each other Forza (Forzo Motorsports?), which is Portuguese for strength. They are going to live at the old Timbira camp.

The old Timbira people are running the show and the Jalapao are acutely aware of this. Coach and JT go fishing. Coach likes him. He immediately starts to talk about the game. JT doesn’t mind it. JT says that Brendan thinks that he’s in control of the game. He says that Taj might have an idol. Coach wants to keep their talks confidential.

Coach talks with Tyson. He tells him that Brendan has an alliance. They want to get rid of Brendan. Tyson talks with Stephen. He tells him about getting Brendan out.

Tyson catches a little baby catfish. He’s fishing with JT. They toss the fish back. Tyson talks with Debbie. He tells her that Coach, JT, Stephen, her and himself are in an alliance. Taj tells Stephen that she doesn’t know if Brendan is still with them. She isn’t getting any signals from Sierra and Brendan. Brendan says that his secret alliance will only be effective once the numbers get down to 7 or 8, that’s why his alliance is lying low.

Joe and Erinn talk. They try and find the other immunity idol. He shows her where he found his. They find it missing. They think that either Brendan or Sierra have the idol.

It’s time for the next challenge. Jeff shows them the immunity necklace. The challenge involves endurance. They have to hold onto a pole with all of their limbs for as long as they can. Joe and Stephen are struggling early. Stephen drops out. Joe’s out. Jeff sees his infected knee and says that it doesn’t look good. Taj and Brendan start slipping down. JT slips down as well. Sierra hasn’t budged, neither has Debbie or Tyson. Brendan is out followed closely by Taj and Erinn. JT is struggling. He’s going to be the next to go. He drops after 20 minutes. Coach is out. Sierra starts to struggle and slides down. It’s between Debbie and Tyson. Debra starts to struggle. Tyson is holding on with his toes. Debra starts to slides down. She’s out. Tyson wins immunity. Jeff tells Joe that medical will look at Joe’s leg.

Hottie Dr. Lucy McKinnon tells Joe that it’s not looking good. She’s got laser blue eyes. Lucy says that the infection is so close to the bone. If the infection goes to the blood, he will be in danger of dying. He’s risking death.

Back at camp, old Jalapao is getting worried about Joe. Debbie says that she fell off when she tried to stretch. Old Timbira wants to vote JT. Tyson says that JT and Stephen have replaced Brendan and Sierra. He never liked Sierra.

We hug. I’ve kissed him on the neck, softly. He’s felt my warm steamy breath on the nape of his neck, even on the small of his back.
Tyson on Brendan

Stephen talks with JT. Tyson tries to reassure them. They think that the vote is split 5-5. They need Erinn. JT goes to fish with Coach. Stephen tells Taj that they might be getting rid of Brendan tonight. He secures her vote. Stephen and JT talk. They think that Brendan is out unless he uses the idol. They try to split the vote. Four will vote for Brendan, the others will vote for Sierra. They talk with Tyson, who agrees. He tells Coach.

Jeff arrives at camp. He says that Joe is out. He will be medevac’ed. Jeff says that there won’t be a tribal council.

* * * * *

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