The Amazing Race Rooting Around in People’s Mouths Could Be Unpleasant S14E08 (CBS)

Margie fainted because of the heat in Phucket. Teams must fly to Bangkok. They must find a boat yard and search it to find their clue. Jaime loses her cool again when they try to get a taxi. All 5 teams get on the 7:25PM flight to Bangkok. Kisha/Jen’s taxi doesn’t know where to go. Margie/Luke’s cab stops to get directions.

Margie/Luke arrive 1st. They face a Roadblock. They must attach a propeller to a long rod on a longtail boat. Margie does it. Jaime/Cara are 2nd. Jaime does the Roadblock. Teams must navigate their boats through the Bangkok canals to get to the Peninsula Pier. Jaime/Cara left their bags in their taxi. Tammy/Victor do the same thing. Of course, Mark/Mike forget their bags as well. Victor is doing the task. Jaime/Cara go get their bag. Kisha/Jen are in last place. They arrive at the yard. All of the teams see Jaime/Cara get their bags. They know that they have to get theirs. I don’t understand why they don’t send their teammates to get the bags. Victor has trouble putting together his propeller. Mark/Mike decide to leave their stuff. Kisha/Jen finish. Jen decides that they will leave their stuff there. Victor’s propeller didn’t work. He has to do it again. They smartly decide to take their stuff.

Jen wants to go back to get their bags but Kisha overrules her and they continue on. Margie/Luke arrive first. They face a Detour. In Broken Teeth, teams make their way to an alley to find the dentures of 5 people. In Broken Record, teams must join a group locals and sing karaoke in a taxi. Margie/Luke do the teeth. Cara/Jaime do the karaoke. Mark/Mike know that they haven’t got their bags and have to head bag. Kisha/Jen decide to go onward without their fanny packs and bags. This means that they don’t have any passports, money or belongings. Mark/Mike at least have their fanny packs. Tammy/Victor do the karaoke.

Mark/Mike have their cab call the cab with their bags to join them. After much bickering and translation issues, their cab drives them back to the boat yard. Kisha/Jen are first in the cab. Jaime/Cara arrive a few moments later. They don’t know that they have ladyboys in their cabs. Tammy immediately notices that they are ladyboys.

Margie/Luke finish first and make their way to the next pit stop. They finish 1st. They win a trip for two to Puerto Rico. Jen noticed that they were ladyboys. It looks like Cara had a lot of un in the karaoke cab, as did Tammy/Victor.

Kisha/Jen didn’t pay their cab because it disappeared. They don’t have their bags or clues. Jaime/Cara finish and try to find a taxi. Victor/Tammy find their taxi and leave. Cara/Jaime follow them closely. Kisha/Jen are able to get a cab who will drive them free to the pit stop. Mark/Mike get their bags finally. They haven’t done the Detour yet. Cara/Jaime finish 2nd.

Kisha/Jen finish 3rd but Phil tells them to get their stuff so that he can check them in. Tammy/Victor finish 3rd. Mark/Mike bargain with some of their possessions to pay their cab fare and get into the karaoke cab. Jen runs to get their fanny packs. Mark/Mike don’t know that they were in the cab with ladyboys. Kisha/Jen head to the palace.

Mark/Mike bargain off some possessions and arrive 4th. They broke a race rule and bargained some belongings to settle a debt. They incur a 2-hour penalty for each infraction. They have to wait 4 hours. Kisha/Jen arrive. They finish 4th. Mark/Mike check in. They aren’t eliminated. The remainder of their penalty time will be added to their starting time. They will face a Speedbump.

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