Castle A Chill Goes Through Her Veins S01E05 (ABC)

Stana Katic on the left and Radha Mitchell, über-hotness
Stana Katic on the left and Radha Mitchell, über-hotness

[For more about the incredible Radha Mitchell]

I’ve been a Nathan Fillion fan for quite a while. Ever since Firefly, I was really impressed by his acting. Since he is starring in a new series which premiered last Monday, I took it upon myself to watch it weekly. Unlike most of my other recaps, this is one that I did the day after, by memory. I believe that this way, you get a distilled version of the show.

Anyway, what do I like about Castle? Well it stars an obnoxious, womanizing novelist. Detective Kate Beckett is a closet hottie, played by Stana Katic. Her hotness is kind of hard to explain. The actress is quite hot, but in Castle, she toned it down. She doesn’t wear much makeup and favours a natural look, kind of like “Oh I’m hot, but I could be the girl next door, BTW, FYI, I’m still smoking hot.” That’s how I described her in my mind. She’s kind of got the ex-catwalk model look going for her, which is quite good.

So that’s a good point. Plus she’s Canadian and a good actress. That’s always a good combination. Molly C. Quinn plays Alexis, Rick Castle’s 15-year old daughter. I don’t really know how old she is, but she’s a striking looking young lady. She reminds me of my wife, who’s a redhead as well. So I have a bit of a weakness for them.

The show centers around a novelist who is brought in to help deal with a string of murders which seem to be taken from the pages of his novels. At the same time, Castle has hit massive writer’s block after killing off the hero of his mystery book franchise, Derek Storm. Through Beckett, he is able to write once again.

Halfway between a drama and a romantic comedy, Castle is a fun show to watch. The characters play around a lot, making the viewer wonder when or if they will ever get together. It didn’t take Castle long to find out what makes Beckett tick. He uses clues and his imagination deftly.

* * * * *

There is something about this case that doesn’t make much sense to Beckett. A frozen body is discovered. This leads them to another murder. It’s like an itch that she can’t stop and Castle learns that justice is blind. She doesn’t play favorites. Castle finds out a bit more about Beckett’s family and Beckett drops by to see Castle in his studio. She meets his family and the way that he works on his novels.

These episodes are quite entertaining. The to and fro between Beckett and Castle is really fun to watch.

* * * * *

A body was found. It was frozen. The murderer thought that the body would be quickly buried in concrete, since he dumped it at a construction site. The funny thing is that the woman disappeared over five years ago. Her husband was killed a year ago. Their two kids now live with the Davidsons, the grandparents, who knew that she was dead.

They trace the body dump to a guy running a storage facility. He found a freezer in one of the storage lockers. He found her inside. He just wanted to get rid of her. The payments were stopped, which were always done in cash. That’s the only reason why he found the body.

Sloan, the detective who worked the missing person’s case, isn’t much use. He’s Sheriff in New Jersey now and was pretty incompetent. However, since the wife disappeared a few times before leaving for good, it doesn’t look too bad.

The husband’s best friend Charles Wyler is still covering for him. At least, he’s not telling the truth. First, he doesn’t tell them that his buddy was having an affair. Secondly, the wife was having drug problems and always going back to her old boyfriend, at least that’s what he says to the detectives. Sloan says that the best friend saw Wendy in another town. It turns out that the husband told him this. It was another lie.

Initially, they think that the husband must have killed her. They still need proof. However, since he’s dead, it’s not leading up to much. They finally find a woman in their old building who had a freezer delivered. The company used was Wyler’s. It turns out that the husband had the fridge delivered to her so that his name wouldn’t appear on the paperwork. It then went to his place.

Wyler confesses that his friend came to see him. He told him that his wife was dead in the bathroom tub. He needed to get rid of her and asked for his help. He complied. He was the one paying for the storage fee. He didn’t feel like paying for it anymore.

Beckett comes to see Castle at his place and meets Alexis and his mother again. She comes to his study and sees the way that Castle works on his novels. It’s almost like a real investigation. Beckett says that she is still bothered about something. The woman who had the fridge delivered said she told that a freezer was delivered to her place by mistake to the detective in charge of the case. They verify with her and it turns out that someone visited her a year ago, not five years ago. They show her a photo and she says that it wasn’t Sloan but some old guy with a limp. That means that Ben Davidson shot and killed his son-in-law for killing his daughter.

They go and arrest him. Castle asked Beckett if they could just stop and leave him there with his family. Her captain is happy, the case is solved. Beckett says that it doesn’t work like that in real life. The way he wants it to work happens only in books.

Castle discovers that Beckett’s mom was killed. Johanna Beckett was killed and the murderers haven’t been brought to justice. It was attributed to gang violence. Her father fell apart and started to drink. He’s been clean for 5 years now. Beckett wears his watch and her mother’s engagement ring around her neck as reminders.

At the end of the episode, Esposito helps Castle get Johanna Beckett’s murder book. He wants to investigate her death to bring closure for Beckett.

* * * * *

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