Look! Scary Email: Vintage Ad Depicts Scared Managers

042109_rg_scary_email_01.jpgEmail and IM have become an integral part of business, just like Skype-ing. It’s a known fact that people need to be able to communicate instantly to make more money. Even though some people think that this can be an electronic leash, it’s always fascinating to discover how email was marketed when it all started.

042109_rg_scary_email_02.jpgMaybe you didn’t know it, but email actually began as some spooky force that was made to appear out of thin air and terrify managers and middle-aged people. This 1977 ad from Honeywell seems to clear up all the confusion. Since email was probably scaring managers to death back then, it’s normal that it took a couple of decades before email became the useful tool in business.

I mean if I saw this ad back then, I wouldn’t want to use email. Look at the poor guy’s face! It’s like he’s facing a ghost or demon of some kind. One good thing is that most of us now have to use email, either for work or for school, so no one is scared of email. That being said, it’s kind of cool to see how email was marketed back then when it all started. I can just imagine an email rep trying to explain email to his clients. [via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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