Survivor Tocantins It’s Funny When People Cry S18E10 (CBS)

Sierra thinks that she will be the next one to go. She is crying a bit. Erinn also looks on the verge of tears. It’s right after tribal council. Sierra wants to talk with Coach.

The next day, Coach is spouting his usual BS. Coach says that he can bench press 300 lbs. He’s a total git. I wonder why they have these great sweeping shots of him. Sierra is scrambling to cover her butt. JT says that he’s happy to stick with the Warrior alliance. He’s happy to see Sierra go. Today, Sierra is at the bottom of the food chain. She talks with Tyson. Tyson enjoys seeing her scramble.

It’s time for the next challenge. The teams must collect boards and rotate them correctly. They will get some vowels. These will be combined with consonants to make a message. The prize is a Capoeira demonstration with a lot of food. Red is JT, Erinn, Debbie and Tyson vs Black made up of Coach, Sierra, Stephen, Taj. JT starts off with a run. JT is really fast. JT and Erinn are coming back with their first board. Debbie/Tyson are against Sierra/Taj. The black team is in front by a few seconds. Red has made up some time. JT/Erinn come back first. Tyson/Debbie are on the final board. They make their way back. The red time is first with their vowels. They now have to work on the puzzle. They have to find a 4-word phrase. The black team is still trying to get their boards aligned. The red team wins reward by a mile. They send Stephan to Exile.

Erinn is pretty stocked. They’ve got so much food. They have a lot of fun, but Erinn threw up after having danced with the villagers.

Stephen gets to Exile. There is no new Idol yet.

Sierra tries to talk with Debbie. She says that Sierra will be the next to go, because she was disloyal. Debbie is in an alliance. Sierra starts to cry again. Sierra implies that Erinn is the bigger liar. Sierra leaves when Erinn tells her that the group is tired of hearing her whining. Erinn admits to the camera that she has been playing the game. Later, Sierra begs Coach for another chance.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. It’s pouring rain. They are playing a giant game of shuffle board. The person’s whose puck ends the closest to the X win immunity. If the tribe members feel very confident, they can skip the challenge and eat. Stephen, JT, and Coach decide to eat pizza. Tyson isn’t happy with this decision. At the start of the 2nd round, Debbie is closest. Taj pushes Tyson’s mark closest. Erinn is now the closest with her shot. Sierra moves Tyson into the lead. Erinn knocks out Sierra’s puck. Tyson puts another puck really close. Tyson is in the lead. Sierra knocks Tyson out and she’s in the lead. Debbie is up and knocks Sierra away. She wins immunity.

Stephen is shivering and eating. Later Coach regrets eating. Debbie confides in Tyson and Coach that they needed to win this one. Tyson didn’t like how Sierra did her little victory dance before the game was over. Tyson is happy that Debbie won.

Stephen says that they might need to get rid of Tyson. He talks it over with Taj and Erinn. Stephen tells JT that this might be their chance to vote out Tyson. JT doesn’t like Sierra.

Coach talks with JT. JT gives him his word that he will stay true to the Warrior alliance.

It’s time for Tribal. Brendan arrives. Tyson says that he loves Debbie and his alliance. Sierra says that she won’t be blindsided. She doesn’t make much sense. Tyson says that no one understands her. She says that Tyson is a smartass and badgers her. Sierra says that Tyson is a strong competitor and that they should get rid of him tonight. Coach spouts some more nonsense. JT says that he trusts Coach and that they will trust each other. Coach’s plan is to take the strongest to the finals.

Tyson is evicted by a 5-3 vote against Sierra. Brendan looks happy. Coach is stunned. JT is smirking. Another blindside.

* * * * *

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